Jamling Norgay

Biggest lesson from mountaineering

What I have learnt in life is not only from mountaineering, but also from the guidance and wisdom that I got from my father. He always taught us to be simple and honest. He always stressed on teamwork and said that you can’t achieve anything on your own, and that you need to rely on teamwork. The most important lesson that I learnt from him were from his words – ‘Be a good leader, be a good guide, lead your team despite hardships and above all, be great and make others great.’

Mountaineering has taught me a great deal and it still continues to do so even as I climb today. I have taught myself to be self-reliant and never to take things for granted. Making plans does not always work. That’s why we have to be flexible in our daily decisions.


Personal growth form mountaineering

Mountaineering has been my life and my life-long partner. It has been my passion to climb and to continue to climb not only higher mountains, but also to explore new territories. It has taught me patience, the building of team spirit, to expect the unexpected and to be ready to deal with anything that is thrown on your path. It has taught me to adjust and adapt to changing conditions.



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