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Susmita Mohanty

  • Spaceship Designer | Entrepreneur

Susmita is a spaceship designer and entrepreneur extraordinaire. She seamlessly straddles the worlds of technology, business, design, architecture, and art for fascinating sessions that bring a whole new perspective to innovation. As someone who has led a “renaissance life” – picking up offbeat assignments and challenging roles – Susmita’s take on entrepreneurship is highly sought-after by business leaders.

A cosmopolite and global nomad, she has travelled widely and has lived in India, United States and Europe. Featured in San Francisco’s Hot 20 Under 40 [2004] by the city's leading glamour magazine, Susmita has been variously called - THE MOON WALKER, JOHN GLENN(OVICH), and PRODIGY - by the Press. She was also voted into the Financial Times’ 2012 list of “25 Indian to Watch”

A protégée of Arthur C. Clarke, the late science fiction writer and author of 2001: A Space Odyssey, Susmita is blurring the boundaries between science fiction and reality via her orbital enterprise. In 2001, Susmita launched MOONFRONT, an aerospace consulting firm based in San Francisco [USA]. In 2003, she co-founded LIQUIFER Systems Group (LSG), an aerospace architecture and design firm in Vienna [Austria].

From 2008-2016, she led Earth2Orbit Consulting (E2O 1.0) as its co-founder and CEO. This was a launch advisory firm that provided technical, contractual and regulatory support to international clients to help launch their satellites on the Indian PSLV rocket.

In 2017, she co-founded the sequel, a new company called Earth2Orbit Analytix (E2O 2.0). This is a Big Data Analytics firm that combines satellite imagery with other forms of big data and leverages the latest advances in Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to provide social, business and environmental intelligence to companies and governments.


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