Creating Happy, Energized and Productive Workplaces by Bharat Wakhlu

Parents celebrate birthdays of their children. Shouldn’t authors do the same for the books they write – children of a different ilk? I think so. It’s that celebratory spirit that brings me here.My book, “Awakening A Leader’s Soul: Learnings Through Immortal Poems,” was launched (born) globally on Sep. 7, 2017.

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‘Listening for Well-Being’ by Arun Maira

The world is being broken up into fragments by narrow domestic walls, as Rabindranath Tagore feared it would. Walls are rising between nations, and within nations between people of different faiths and cultures. The clear stream of reason is also losing its way in the dreary desert sand of dead habit, as Tagore predicted.

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In Conversation With: Avijit Arya on Digital Disruption changing the face of business

Disruption is a very loosely used word in our industry. Anything that changes the status quo is called disruption. It has happened as far back as history goes. From every phase of evolution something has changed in our lives. Right from the way we walk and talk. But life takes a full circle, I’ve heard of a time we spoke in symbols in caves. And now with emoji’s, we are doing that again- just on a different device.

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Success follows a clear path; the path is the Why.

I was having one of those easy (very rare) evenings where you can browse Twitter at leisure, and I’m so glad I did. I came across Simon Sinek’s thought-provoking TED Talk on ‘Start with Why’. Such a simple, yet revolutionary idea.

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In Conversation With: Naina Lal Kidwai and Sumit Makhija speak about Corporate Governance and Ethics

Governance and ethics are critical pillars of corporate organisations. Where they are strongly intertwined with the organisation’s strategy, they become the strong backbone on which the organisation grows stronger. And where they aren’t given their due, the organisation’s very existence becomes weak and unsustainable.

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Video Blog: Juhi Chaturvedi

A story never ages. It can be passed on from one management level to the next. Numbers change but stories stay the same.

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Video Blog: Bharat Wakhlu

Have you wondered why some projects fall through? Watch Bharat Wakhlu speak on the importance of a high-performance team and bringing people together to ensure a project sees the light of day. 

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Plan an Offsite that actually works

All around the world, companies organize Offsites to step away from the regular hum-drum and build any of these, a united team, a motivated salesforce, a focused vendor base. Offsites help motivate and align employees, vendors, sales staff, to a bigger purpose, that, of being in line with the company’s vision and goals.

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Video Blog: Vasu Primlani

Do the women in your work force feel safe, heard, and supported? Is there a management trajectory in place to ensure women get promoted to higher positions? It is important to not just tick the check boxes, it’s important to embody the principles of diversity and inclusion, to make it alive. 

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