Video Blog: Bharat Wakhlu

Have you wondered why some projects fall through? Watch Bharat Wakhlu speak on the importance of a high-performance team and bringing people together to ensure a project sees the light of day. 

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Plan an Offsite that actually works

All around the world, companies organize Offsites to step away from the regular hum-drum and build any of these, a united team, a motivated salesforce, a focused vendor base. Offsites help motivate and align employees, vendors, sales staff, to a bigger purpose, that, of being in line with the company’s vision and goals.

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Video Blog: Vasu Primlani

Do the women in your work force feel safe, heard, and supported? Is there a management trajectory in place to ensure women get promoted to higher positions? It is important to not just tick the check boxes, it’s important to embody the principles of diversity and inclusion, to make it alive. 

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Video Blog: Boman Irani

Boman Irani, Actor, talks on Qualification Vs Experience, Behavioral Issues and Managing Aspirations and Ethics and Respect, in an interesting three-part series for TOSB.

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Video Blog: Prakash Iyer

Future-ready is being able to consistently mould yourself to a new environment. To do that, Prakash Iyer – Former MD, Kimberly-Clark Lever, Author, Speaker, Coach – shares a two-pronged approach.

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Bharat Wakhlu | The Seven Pillars that Support Gender Equality and Diversity

The structure that supports Gender Equality and Diversity (GED) across the board comprises a set of seven (07) policies, mental attitudes and practices. These seven pillars can be – and need to be – adopted by all communities, families, organizations and individuals (both men and women) in order to make a significant difference in both gender equality and diversity in all areas of governance, service and recreation. 

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Audio Blog: General V.P. Malik

Human Resource Development, Leadership and Decision Making are an integral part of a business leader’s value system. Gen VP Malik talks about these essential qualities and the changing face of leadership in our inaugural audio blog.

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Our Speaker Atul Singh’s view on the implications of Donald Trump’s victory on India

Donald Trump’s victory is historic. It marks an end to the free trade era of the US that has been the bipartisan consensus since 1945. Now, protectionism is the order of the day. As a result, export-oriented economies like Mexico and China will suffer. The Indian economy is unlikely to be affected greatly because it exports relatively little but information technology companies might suffer. 

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Takeaways From Viswanathan Anand’s Session At Juniper- Collaborate, Empower, Accelerate

The Takeaways from Viswanathan Anand’s Session at Juniper on Collaborate, Empower and Accelerate.

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