Five Lessons From Bill Campbell – The Legendary Coach to Silicon Valley’s Most Coveted CEOs

Lessons From Bill Campbell – The Legendary Coach to Silicon Valley’s Most Coveted CEOs

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Vinita Bali | When should an organisation seek external/expert intervention?

Smart organisations constantly learn from their own experience and from the experience of others. It is in this context that seeking expert advice and perspective becomes very useful?. If the need is specific and requires expertise that the organisation does not have internally, seeking that competency externally is productive.

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Arun Maira | How can organisations benefit with external assistance?

Organisations can benefit greatly with external assistance, provided they know when they should ask for it, and obtain the right type of assistance.We look into a mirror every morning when we groom ourselves, because we need to see what we look like and we need a view of ourselves from the outside. We sometimes expose ourselves to x-rays or to MRI scans because we need to see what is going on inside ourselves for which we need the assistance of appropriate techniques.

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Prakash Iyer | Sport is a terrific metaphor for business and for life

I am often reminded of something that happened several years ago. I was a member of the fiercely passionate PepsiCo India team. It was a team that was having fun. There was a tremendous sense of pride. And then suddenly, the pesticide controversy happened. All hell broke loose. Sales plummeted and so did the morale. A team that was high on passion, and used to winning, suddenly looked beaten, vanquished.

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Jamling Norgay

What I have learnt in life is not only from mountaineering, but also from the guidance and wisdom that I got from my father. He always taught us to be simple and honest. He always stressed on teamwork and said that you can’t achieve anything on your own, and that you need to rely on teamwork. The most important lesson that I learnt from him were from his words – ‘Be a good leader, be a good guide, lead your team despite hardships and above all, be great and make others great.’

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Viswanathan Anand

Chess has taught me a lot over the years. The most significant of those lessons is that focus should be on the game and not the glory. Complete dedication on the game will ensure glory.

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Shayamal Vallabhjee

Sport can be very unforgiving, especially when one-hundredth of second or one millimetre can be the difference between gold and anonymity. No other field is as brutal on one’s career. Very often, I’ve seen athletes question their sacrifices in the quest for excellence. One of the toughest lessons to learn from sport is how to handle failure. I’ve found that how you define winning is the secret to handling failure and eventually bouncing back. ‘Have I done everything I possibly can to ensure that I am giving myself the best chance of success?’ 

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Viren Rasquinha

The best lesson in life that sport has taught me is how to learn from defeat and how to come back stronger and better. I have probably lost more times than I have won in life and sport has given me the strength to deal with defeats.

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Mary Kom

I have learnt so many things in life and throughout my career. The basic thing is, in order to achieve your goal, you need to maintain discipline in your life first; only then you will able to execute your plan in time and convert your anger into positive energy, which will give you strength to fight against challenges in your life.

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