Follow your passion: The Third Dimension – Sonam Kalra

Passion is taking every breath and illuminating it with the light of your spirit. If you are fortunate enough to have something that you’re passionate about and can attempt to make a career of it, then do it. You have one life to live and you should make sure every day enriches your soul, every day counts for something. I feel so blessed to be able to have music permeate every aspect of my life and feel blessed to be able to live and breathe music. And the only way this happened was because I decided I wanted to live my life, on my terms, following my own dreams.

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Transforming media, mobile by mobile – Pranjal Sharma

Media is changing at such a fast pace, that it is difficult to prepare, predict or plan for any timeline beyond three years. This is especially true of India where online access no longer depends on expensive hardware or location connectivity.

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Arun Maira | India’s Discordant Democrats | Mint

Innovation is the fuel that is needed for India’s economic growth. Now given this, does the fact that India is a democratic nation add up as an advantage or does democracy simply exist at a superficial level, thus strangulating innovation? Our Outstanding Speaker and Former Member of Planning Commission of India, Arun Maira explains what is required for India’s growth as a democratic nation. 

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Devdutt Pattanaik | Last-minute rush, imperfect closures – why are Indians unable to plan? | Economic Times

It is said that planning is the foundation of growth and success and while India is looking at taking big leaps on both aspects, does the foundation – Planning – become a deterrent? Our Outstanding Speaker, Author, Mythologist and Leadership Coach, Dr Devdutt Pattanaik explains the Indian psyche behind the art of ‘Planning’.

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Pranjal Sharma | India in Focus: Is Corruption Blocking Economic Growth? | Tweet Chat

Corruption has been one of the most pertinent issues to be hindering India’s social and economic progress. Ahead of the World Economic Forum 2015, where our Outstanding Speaker, Columnist and Editorial Advisor Pranjal Sharma is to take up the challenges that India is facing, we hosted a tweet chat with him and Jagdish Mitra, Head of Mobility Business, Tech Mahindra to voice out the views of the people of India.

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There are still 57 million children who haven’t received an education. I want to see every child going to school: Nobel Peace Prize winner, Malala Yousafzai.

A young girl who decided to speak up in a Taliban dominated region of Pakistan and become an advocate for girls’ education, Malala Yousafzai, today, is not only a harbinger of equal rights, but is also a living role model carrying the message that nothing is impossible. Here’s the story of this Nobel Peace Prize Laureate 

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Dr. SY Quraishi I Compulsion won’t work; voter education key to participation I Hindustan Times

This election season, India saw a huge turnout of voters. So if voting is made compulsory, would it ensure a better participation? Or is it better voter education that we need? Our Outstanding Speaker and Former Chief Election Commissioner of India, Dr S.Y Quraishi discusses the aspects to make voting a more participative event. Here’s an excerpt The proposal for compulsory voting has been raised for years

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Tjaco Walvis I All Marketing is Mass Marketing I Mint

The consumer market is becoming more brand conscious. There is higher inflow of brands in the market, and hence we are all spoilt with choice of many. In such a situation, how can brands survive and how can it attract customers? Our Outstanding Speaker and Managing Director of THEY (India), Tjaco Walvis spins out some laws of marketing. Here’s an excerpt What does this mean? It means that to build sustainably high

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Santosh Desai I Letting Culture Be I Times of India

With public display of affection becoming a much-used emotional tool to put forth a point, does it also mean that India is culturally prepared for a more liberal society? While culture will naturally evolve irrespective of the laws of the land, our Outstanding Speaker, MD&CEO of Futurebrands India Ltd and a social commentator, Santosh Desai shares his views on the same thought. Here’s an excerpt For this reason, the Kiss of Love

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