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Pradeep Chakravarthy

A Behaviourist – with a twist to the past

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Pradeep is distinguished by a sense of humour, a mellifluous voice and a deep knowledge of ancient Tamil history and literature. His key to understanding present and future behaviour is by understanding the past.

Pradeep is a graduate from the London School of Economics and JNU. He has more than two decades of experience especially in learning and development. At Infosys he managed L & D for more than 40,000 employees around the world. In McKinsey he worked with clients across Asia to increase revenue, reduce costs, enhance customer experience by working on behaviour change. Using traditional Indian philosophy, art, music and literature, he has improved revenues by as much as 300cr in 2yrs.

Tamil Nadu and her history and culture is in every breath he takes – whether it is writing books or taking people for tours. Pradeep’s talks are not lectures. They are, “views you can use”. Peppered with snippets that help you understand why Tamils think the way they do today.

With five published books and over three hundred articles in reputed publications like The Lonely Planet, The Hindu, Marg and exhibitions curated at India International Centre Delhi, Pradeep continues to share his passion for his work in leading publications and forums like TEDx. Pradeep’s guided tours of the State, offer detailed insight, knowledge and the background into the varied ways in which Tamil Nadu expresses herself.

What Modern Businesses Can Learn from Ancient Temples – https://youtu.be/svEVFPN9YgY

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