Piyush Tewari

Social Entrepreneur, CEO- SaveLIFE Foundation

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Piyush Tewari is a tri-sector leader with 15 years of experience in building and scaling government, corporate, and social enterprises. He is the CEO of SaveLIFE Foundation (SLF), a nonprofit organization committed to improving road safety and emergency medical care in India. SLF is part of the philanthropic portfolio of Michael Bloomberg, Former Mayor of New York, and was recognized in 2015 by the Rockefeller Foundation as the Best NGO in India for its path-breaking work to save lives on India’s roads. SLF won Rolex Award for Enterprise in 2010 and the Echoing Green Fellowship in 2012.

Previously, Piyush led the India operations of the Calibrated Group, a US-based private equity fund. Prior to Calibrated, Piyush served on the founding team of India Brand Equity Fund, an initiative of the Prime Minister of India to promote the country as a globally competitive investment destination. He is an Ashoka Fellow, an Echoing Green Fellow, and a Rolex Laureate. Piyush holds a Master of Public Administration (MPA) degree from Harvard University and a Bachelor of Information Technology degree from Delhi University.

Piyush is well regarded as a passionate as well as innovative social entrepreneur. He speaks and writes across platforms on road safety as well as social entrepreneurship, social innovation and leadership, and establishing a business or non-profit organization in India including strategic planning and vision-setting. Piyush has had multiple speaking engagements at Harvard, LA Times and has been an expert panelist for the US India Initiative and the United Nations Conference in the recent past.

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Give Us The Right To Walk Safely On Our Roads

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Why it’s imperative for Road Safety Bill to go through in Budget session


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