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The consumer market is becoming more brand conscious. There is higher inflow of brands in the market, and hence we are all spoilt with choice of many. In such a situation, how can brands survive and how can it attract customers? Our Outstanding Speaker and Managing Director of THEY (India), Tjaco Walvis spins out some laws of marketing. Here’s an excerpt What does this mean? It means that to build sustainably high yearly volumes, most companies in most industries must focus on building high penetration across the entire customer population of the segment or industry, not just heavy users. You can read the full article here –

Tjaco Walvis

  • Managing Director, THEY | Author, ‘Branding With Brains’ | Keynote Speaker

Is branding an art or a science? According to Tjaco Walvis, it is neuroscience and can be remodeled to make customers choose your brand. Tjaco is a leading expert on brand strategy issues, including brand positioning, extensions, portfolio management and location branding. He enlightens his audience about the value of emotional associations, experiences, and images, outlining their importance in driving consumer choices and brand preferences.

He is the Managing Director of the brand consulting and advertising agency, THEY. He leverages his European and Indian experience to deliver unique perspectives and helps brands tell their stories in a way that touches the hearts and minds. He has worked with a broad range of clients across industries including GMR, Times, Sakal, Amsterdam Airport, Mars, ING, and DaimlerChrysler.

Tjaco has authored the best-seller ‘Branding with Brains’ which talks about creating iconic brands by taking into account the laws of the brain and the connection between neuroscience and branding.

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