Avik Chanda


Avik Chanda has donned a range of roles in his career: corporate leader, change catalyst, business advisor and coach, bestselling author, columnist, an evangelist for deploying positive psychology in the workplace, and more recently, an entrepreneur. He has a deep and sensitive understanding of globalized workplaces and cultural nuances, having worked across the US, Europe, UK and India.

Avik brings in this diverse experience to deliver insightful sessions on the human dimension of technological disruption, future of work, conflict management and negotiation skills, teamwork, diversity and inclusion. He is a visiting faculty at IIT-Delhi and XLRI.

Avik is an expert in the domains of business strategy, technology advisory services, organizational transformation and reorganization, change management, talent development and communication. He has over two decades of experience consulting with some of the world’s largest organizations, playing key leadership and organizational roles during his tenure at PricewaterhouseCoopers and Deloitte. He has also worked as an external consultant on World Bank and ILO projects.

As a researcher, author and speaker, his key areas of interest are the future of work, automation and emergent work models, business ethics and negotiation skills, management of millennials, and using behavioural sciences to reduce stress, enhance focus and productivity in the workplace.

Avik is the author of the nationally-acclaimed business book, “From Command To Empathy: Using EQ in the Age of Disruption” (HarperCollins), advocating the need for greater emotional enablement in the Indian workplace. It was featured in Amazon India’s Best Reads under Business, Strategy and Management.

His latest book, “Dara Shukoh: The Man Who Would Be King” (HarperCollins, 2019), was on the National Non-Fiction Top 10 Bestsellers List for 10 consecutive weeks, garnered huge praise from academics, authors, and the national press, and was made into an audiobook by Audible.

Reviews of his work, interviews and by-lines have been published widely, including on BBC India, Harvard Business Review Ascend, The Hindu, Quartz, Times of India, Economic Times, BusinessWorld, New Indian Express, FirstPost, Scroll, Financial Times, The Pioneer, The Telegraph, Asian Age, Deccan Chronicle, and Deccan Herald.

Avik is the Founder and CEO of NUVAH ELINT LLP, a NASSCOM 10,000 incubated start-up, aimed at leveraging a highly innovative, Positive Psychology-driven personality assessment platform, to negotiate the ‘new normal’.



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