Gautam Khetrapal

  • Transformational Speaker | Host | Trainer | Entrepreneur

A computer engineer by education, Tribes Strategist by experience and a personal transformation enthusiast at heart, Gautam brings his unique perspective to learning in the modern world, touching on ideas like belief hacking, authenticity, personal mastery and finding your tribe. At the very core of everything he creates, lies the playful, adventurous, and passionate energy that Gautam brings to the table.

Gautam’s vision, in his own words, is to build the “Disneyland of Learning & Education” – an innovative approach to learning that he is bringing to the forefront with his venture LifePlugin. This unique platform is building a community of outliers, learning from the best teachings in transformational education, towards powerful personal growth.

As an entrepreneur and international speaker, Gautam has spoken at stages such as Mindvalley, UNESCO, TEDx, Startup Investor Summit, AIESEC to name a few. His recent TEDx Talk got over 7 million views on Facebook and is arguably one of the most viral talks on modern education.

He blends his love for teaching, comedy, personal growth and building tribes for creating transformational adventures around the world through his summits, masterminds, and seminars.


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