Liza Pavlakos

  • Entrepreneur | Motivational Speaker

Liza's dynamic, straight-from-the-heart style of engaging people and her own inspiring life story of rising from the depths of hopelessness to emerge a winner never fail to energise others. Drawing on her inner strength and indomitable spirit, she overcame the difficulties of being a homeless child, and the pain of abuse and domestic violence, to remarkably turn her life around.

In her early twenties, on the strength of her innate business acumen and unflinching tenacity, Liza pulled off the seemingly impossible task of successfully organising an international beauty pageant. Not stopping there, she began to help struggling businesses transform into profit-making ventures. Now, it is her life mission to offer others expert guidance and proven actionable tools to overcome obstacles in their own lives and reap the rewards of success, much like she did.

When Liza steps on stage to speak, it doesn't take her audiences long to discover that she has walked the talk. Her incredible life story is proof that even the steepest barriers can be surmounted. Today, Liza is a successful businesswoman, an acclaimed motivational speaker, an authority on self-empowerment, a committed philanthropist, and founder of the Liza Pavlakos Foundation whose goal is to empower and uplift underprivileged communities.

Her soon to be released books The Diamonds Within and the Indefatigable Entrepreneur reveal her own incredibly courageous journey from homeless teenager to millionaire entrepreneur and include concrete suggestions and inventive techniques to draw up a winning formula for success.