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Major Deepak Rao

  • Indian Military Trainer | ED, Unarmed & Commando Combat Academy | Author

The pioneer of close quarter battle training, Major Deepak is an Indian military trainer, scientist, author, and physician. Having trained 15000 commandos from almost every elite Indian force, he emanates a strong motivational momentum into his audience with his highly engaging talks about combatting the problems of life or business using battle strategies.

Besides, Maj Deepak is a man with an unbelievably wide range of talents. He is a scuba instructor, rifle shooter, 8th deg black belt, combat driver, world’s highest-level instructor in Bruce Lee’s martial art JKD and a contemporary philosopher.

He holds five doctorates in military science, martial science, medicine, alternative medicine and law, and has authored the world’s first close op training encyclopedia which has found a place in the FBI, Interpol & SWAT libraries.

One among the only six Indians to receive a Presidents Rank Award since independence, Maj Rao has received the World Peace Price in 2008 and over 1000 commendations from the President, Prime Minister, Home Minister, Chief Minister, Robert Muller (Ex-FBI Chief), Ronald Noble (Ex- Secretary General Interpol) and the Queen of England.


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