Neelay Bhatt

  • Customer Service Evangelist | Speaker Coach

Neelay Bhatt is a business and communications visionary who loves to share the industry insights he has attained through his years of experience. He is also a sought-after keynote speaker and is routinely invited to talk to and train executives, professionals, and students around the world.

Focused on helping organisations serve an increasingly global audience, Neelay talks about innovation, partnerships, financial sustainability, marketing and branding, and customer service excellence. He finds an interesting merger of sports, business, and governance, by connecting people and organisations in the three domains.

He has also been involved with Disney, The Super Bowl, and The Summer Olympics and Paralympics Games, and is passionate about using sports to help communities celebrate diversity and inclusiveness and enhance their social and economic fabric.

His life-journey can be summed up with the line – In the end, it’s always fine. If it’s not fine…it’s not the end!


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