Sumit Peer

  • Founder & CEO, Aurelius Corporate Solutions Pvt Ltd

Sumit Peer is a leader in the high-end technology space, with a career spanning more than 19 years. Having traveled across the globe, handling business relations with over 60 countries and working with diverse teams along the way, he brings a holistic perspective to talks on entrepreneurship management, business management and the emergence of new business technologies.

Sumit’s sessions come alive with his deep “techno-commercial” expertise with a sound understanding of the technical aspects of a business. He has handled P&Ls ranging to multi-million dollars and teams of hundreds of people across nationalities and cultures. With over 10 years plus of international work experience in US, Singapore and Europe, Sumit holds a successful track record in building businesses, as well as running multicultural and multilingual teams.

He has sheer domain expertise and an impeccable record in system sales for satellite/telecom products and infrastructure projects. In his current role, he holds the strategic responsibility of directing and managing the overall business of Aurelius – an industry insourcing expert. His travels have led to a strong knowledge base of international markets. With this range of knowledge and global experience, Sumit now aims to expand Aurelius further into new markets.

Sumit holds a post-graduation in sales, marketing and advertising management and general management from the University of Cornell USA (Ivy League) besides having IT qualification like MCSE, CCNA & CCDA.


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