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Advisory boards are an invaluable asset for startups, providing high level insights and advice in areas such as product strategy, capital raising, scaling up, data privacy, fostering partnerships and much more.

Regardless of which stage your startup is in, we can help you identify when to and what kind of advisors to bring on board. Here are some areas in which our expert network offers advisory for startups:

  • Risk Advisory:  Advice on the various risks associated with finance, business, talent and compliance
  • Capital Raising and Financial Advisory:  Advice on the when and how of raising capital. Reorganization & restructuring of financial assets and liabilities and creating the most beneficial financial environment for the company.
  • Talent Management:  Advice on hiring, retaining, and managing talent and ensuring maximum utilization for maximum productivity.
  • Business Advisory:  Advice on managing business, developing products, marketing, research and development, and improving operations.
  • Creating Partnerships:  Advice on creating and fostering partnerships with founders with the right value systems.
  • Technical Advisory:  Advice on technical aspects of the product and market research to ensure management strategies are implemented.
  • Go-to-market Strategy:  Advice on the right marketing strategy – when, where, and who to sell.
  • Operations and Scaling Up:  Advice on operational excellence and scaling up of business for the next level of growth.
  • Public Policy: Advice on navigating the public policy environment, building strategic government partnerships and community outreach.


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