“Learn from defeat and become stronger”

Biggest lesson from sport

The best lesson in life that sport has taught me is how to learn from defeat and how to come back stronger and better. I have probably lost more times than I have won in life and sport has given me the strength to deal with defeats.


Lessons from sports on teamwork and leadership skills

Hockey is a team sport. You have to learn to communicate with your teammates, and trust everyone to do their job. You learn to help each other during the tough times and cover for your teammates if they have made an error. I was fortunate enough to be the captain of the Indian hockey team. This gave me the opportunity to lead from the front and lead by example with good, open and honest communication with my teammates.

Viren Rasquinha

  • Former Captain, Indian Hockey Team | CEO, Olympic Gold Quest | Motivational Speaker

A true sportsperson, Viren Rasquinha possesses qualities such as leadership skills, teamwork, perseverance, endurance, and strength ingrained into his personality. He is the former captain of the Indian Hockey Team and presently a motivational speaker.

He speaks on various platforms where he shares anecdotes and experiences from his life to motivate people to achieve their goals, on the importance and art of teamwork and on how to adapt with the changing environment to emerge as a true winner.

Viren chased his dream of becoming a hockey player since his early years and played 180 international matches for India including the Athens Olympics 2004 and also won the prestigious Arjuna Award for Hockey in 2005. He decided to retire at the peak of his career and pursue management from ISB, Hyderabad.

With his unforsaken dream of winning an Olympic medal for the Indian Hockey Team, now as the CEO of Olympic Gold Quest (OGQ) – a not-for-profit organisation started by legends Geet Sethi and Prakash Padukone – Viren trains young, talented athletes to prepare them for Olympics.

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