Plan an Offsite that actually works

Team spirit. Motivation. Unity. Focus. 
Some of the words that you think of when you hear the word Offsite


All around the world, companies organize Offsites to step away from the regular hum-drum and build any of these, a united team, a motivated salesforce, a focused vendor base. Offsites help motivate and align employees, vendors, sales staff, to a bigger purpose, that, of being in line with the company’s vision and goals. Unfortunately, sometimes Offsites don’t serve their intended purpose. What companies fail to consider is that sometimes team building activities fail. Sometimes individuals don’t work well together and that breeds more competition than the activity intended. The good news is that proper planning can lend to a successful and productive Offsite.

Let’s talk about some points to remember while planning your next ‘SUCCESSFUL’ Offsite.

  1. Prep. Prep. Prep. Preparation before an Offsite will usually count towards how productive your offsite is.
  2. Be clear on the goals for the Offsite. Set an agenda. Set reflection and outcome points.
  3. Don’t let old team dynamics come to fore.
  4. If the Offsite is being planned for vendors, dealers, partners – make sure the agenda includes clarity on the company’s vision and overarching annual strategy.
  5. Establish a new set of rules/norms that you want to inculcate when you go back to office.
  6. Go beyond the Myers-Briggs Personality Indicator Tests and see how people interact organically and build from there.
  7. Gather anonymous feedback on what the employees/team expects.
  8. Mix up the Offsite. It should not be only one thing. It should be many things to many people.
  9. Invite a speaker or speakers that the employees want to hear and learn from. A speaker who can inspire, motivate and challenge. A speaker can be a great add on to an Offsite since the participants view them as an external, unbiased third party and are more willing to listen to what they have to say. Speakers can share a fresh perspective and give participants a new way to look at things thus making an Offsite a well-rounded activity.

Remember, your teams are your biggest resource. They should also be your most valued resource. Make time for them. An aligned workforce is an invested workforce. Some articles we think would be beneficial for planning your Offsite.

  • Harvard Business Review on Offsites that Work
  • An interesting read on planning a Successful Sales Offsite
  • Another one on planning a Sales Offsite
  • Harvard Business Review on Make Your Dealers Your Partners


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