Success follows a clear path; the path is the Why.

I was having one of those easy (very rare) evenings where you can browse Twitter at leisure, and I’m so glad I did. I came across Simon Sinek’s thought-provoking TED Talk on ‘Start with Why’. Such a simple, yet revolutionary idea.

Many a times, we get lost in the How or the What.

Many a times, the focus is entirely on the How or the What.

And many a times, the Why is given a miss.

Most organizations—and in fact, most people—lose clarity on the Why and focus solely on the What or the How. Success/Profits/Money are Results – often confused with the WHY. But to truly function at continued optimum levels, it is important for companies to know their WHY and to also ensure that everyone—employees, customers, industry, the whole world—know and understand the WHY.

The Why is the purpose for which a company comes into existence. It is WHY you do what you do. The Why is crucial for two reasons. One, because it centers you—as an individual and as an organization. When you know your why, you are motivated, inspired and ready to go – because when you know your Why – there is only one option: to achieve it. If a company is able achieve an understanding of the Why, across the board, the company will be successful. Success follows a clear path; the path is the Why.

The second reason is that the WHY is when people connect with you at an intuitive level. When their ideas and values are mirrored in your WHY, they will stay connected with you even when things don’t go well.

At The Outstanding Speakers’ Bureau, we are a small team. A team that is full of passion and dedication towards our WHY. It is key to our existence. And today, I proudly present to you, OUR WHY.

Kriti Makhija
Business Leader
The Outstanding Speakers’ Bureau

Private: Kriti Makhija


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