Video Blog: Demystifying diversity and inclusion

Diversity and Inclusion

Do the women in your work force feel safe, heard, and supported? Is there a management trajectory in place to ensure women get promoted to higher positions? It is important to not just tick the check boxes, it’s important to embody the principles of diversity and inclusion, to make it alive. 


“Hiring someone is like falling in love..That’s the easy part. To remain in love, to retain your employees to make them feel like they are valued – that IS Diversity. That IS Inclusion.”

Vasu Primlani

  • Stand-up Comedian | Triathlete | Motivational Speaker

Vasu is a stand-up comedian, somatic therapy expert, triathlete, and environmentalist who stimulates a knack for creativity in her audience. She has conducted training sessions at reputed organisations like Accenture, Axis Bank, TCS Bangalore and esteemed universities like UCLA, UC Berkeley, Michigan and Bennett College for Women.

A woman of many talents, Vasu confers her upbeat attitude to her trainees, coaching them on creative ways to put across their convictions in life. One of her most popular talk deals with learning how to handle a “NO” in life. With her stand-up background, Vasu injects her sessions on topics like management abilities, interpersonal skills, sustainability and diversity, et al., with an engaging style.

Vasu has been an Ironman Triathlon participant, who has practiced Russian ballet, swum in the ocean with dolphins, taught rock climbing and completed 5,000 km swimming, biking and running in 9 months (a distance from India to Australia).

A person who believes in giving back to society, Vasu is also a somatic practitioner who works with victims of Child Sexual Abuse, Autism, and ADHD. She is also reckoned among the most awarded Indian environmentalists in the world.

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