How to Cultivate Extreme Resilience: Srikumar Rao

Life Coach Srikumar Rao teaches powerful mind hacks to develop extreme emotional resilience and release yourself from disempowering thoughts.

Covid-19 has proven that one cannot avoid black swan event. The best we can do is prepare for them. Mental resilience is critical to pick yourself up in such challenging times. And continue to grow.

Key Takeaways from this session:

1. Give up the resistance

We spend most of our lives trying to control things inour internal and external environments.The fact is that wecannotalways control the events in our lives, but we can choose how we respond to them.

So, choose to accept things the way they are and give up the need to control. Our happiness is largely dependent on the attitude we bring into a situation and that part is in our control.

2. Acceptance doesn’t mean inaction

Strive for your vision and your goals. You may or may not succeed – but neither outcome will have an impact on your emotional wellbeing when you are in the space of acceptance.

When you strive knowing that the outcome is not fully under your control, you will embrace everything that is happening. And let it guide you, instead of spending your energy fighting against things.

3. Invest in the process, not the outcome

I achieve a goal and life is a blast. I don’t achieve it and life is terrible. We are constantly fluctuating at the extreme ends of this spectrum. But there is an alternative.

When you embrace acceptance, you cultivate a detachment from your goals. Instead of obsessing over the outcome, you invest your energy into the actions you must take to achieve that outcome. Inadvertently, you will start enjoying the journey itself.And paradoxically, the probability of reaching your outcome will increase exponentially.

4. Relabel your challenges as opportunities

Suffering begins the instant we label an event as “good” or “bad”. All of us can reflect on some events in our lives which seemed “bad” at first, but turned out to be “good” in hindsight.

So when something “disastrous” happens, ask yourself this – Can I imagine any scenario where this could turn out to be a good thing? What is it that I can proactively do to make it a good thing? Just askingthese questions moves us from the realm of despair to the realm of possibility.

5. Be kind, to yourself and others

According to a Native American parable, inside each of us, there is a dog – intelligent, loving, kind and trustworthy; and a wolf – malevolent, vicious and ready to kill. It is up to you who you choose to feed, in both yourself and in others.

In your interactions, ask yourself which one are you feeding.Are you bringing out the best in the person you are speaking to and leaving them energizedor are you leaving them more desolate and feeling down?

The above excerpts are from a session with Dr. Srikumar Rao moderated by Personal Branding Coach Dr Amit Nagpal for TOSB Conversations. To find out more and/ or partner with us for TOSB Conversations, click here

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About the Speaker

Dr Srikumar Rao: Happiness Teacher & Life Coach

Srikumar Raois an international speaker, bestselling author, and one of the most popular MBA lecturers in America. His courses are among the highest rated at many of the world’s top business schools.

He is founder of The Rao Institute, a unique community dedicated to helping individuals live lives of extraordinary accomplishment and deep fulfilment. Rao is also an adviser to senior business executives, whom he helps find deeper meaning and engagement in their work.

His highly popular course “Creativity & Personal Mastery” teaches students how to discover their unique purpose, creativity and happiness.



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