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How the Trust Economy is Reinventing Trust in the Digital Age

Philipp Kristian

  • Trust Futurist | Millennial Innovation Strategist | TEDx Speaker | Author of The Trust Economy

The Definitive Millennial Keynote Speaker on Trust Economy and Digital Innovation, Philipp has been described as ‘Innovation and Creative Disruption Personified’. In his sessions, Philipp distils the complexity of the digital age into simple bold takeaways for C-Suites and leaders.

Philipp’s keynotes explore the future of work, business and everyday life. He speaks about digital transformation, disruptive innovation, smart cities, transformational technologies and start-up ecosystems. He distils the complexity of our hyper-connected digital age into simple, pragmatic directions – deep-diving into the role of ethics, artificial intelligence and sustainability in shaping this progress.

Balancing universal human insight with global trends and sector-specific context, he creates sharp strategy that resonates. His inputs invigorate and inspire audiences to apply a fresh perspective. This makes him the go-to speaker on the future of trust and the digital innovation economy.

Each of his keynote topics is connected to a venture in his own portfolio that walks the talk. Tackling the future entrepreneurially, each builds towards the shared vision of a happier, healthier and wealthier humanity.

Philipp Kristian is an expert on trust in the digital age and how it shapes the way we live, work and play in the future.

Philipp believes the future is something we create. His work was instrumental to two Fortune 500 innovation labs and one of Asia’s fastest-growing technology scale-ups. He served as a strategic advisor to iconic founders, including the CEO of Singapore’s most funded insurance technology start-up.

With great energy and a healthy dose of realism, he shows that human progress is shaped by who, what and how we trust. Whenever we trust something new, the world changes. Turning imagination into innovation means shifting trust from established to new ways. This makes trust the ultimate force to have on your side. Designing and managing for it is the new imperative for success in the digital age.


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