(Speaker: Deepa Malik)

Deepa’s inspiring words on determination, resilience, and the unwavering strength to persevere deeply resonated with our audience. Her fearless pursuit of breaking barriers and challenging stereotypes serves as a remarkable testament to her indomitable spirit. Not only did she inspire us, but she also instilled a renewed sense of self-belief in our own potential to overcome obstacles and strive for greatness. Her interaction with the attendees was marked by genuine warmth and approachability, which we wholeheartedly appreciated. Thanks, Pritha Chattopadhyay and The Outstanding Speakers’ Bureau for the smooth coordination.

We would like to extend a Big Thank You to you for joining us as a Speaker at the People Matters EX India Conference, 2022.

Your session truly helped us in emerging stronger and adding value to our community.

Pascal Bornet

My team and I enjoyed very much your sharing of the Intelligent Automation progress and its great potential with very profound and relevant information to our transformation.

Greatly appreciated!


“Thank you very much for your wonderful talk at our Rotary conference today.

The talk was best program of the two days program.”

(Speaker: Jaspreet Bindra)

“we had a good session. The feedback is good”

(Speaker: Dr V Ravi)

“What an amazing session! We cant thank Dr Ravi and TOSB team enough for making this happen. He was simply outstanding. What clarity of thought, simplicity in messaging and humbled by him ..

Thank you so much once again!”

(Speaker: Babar Ali)

“Very well received by the audience”

(Speaker: Naina Lal Kidwai)

“Very well received by the audience”

L&T Financial Services (LTFS)

(Speaker: Gen. V. P. Malik)

“Thank you on behalf of LTFS for arranging this speaker session. It was very insightful and engaging.

Gen Malik has been a real sport, and the leadership team was thrilled to have benefitted from his wisdom. Please convey our thanks, once again, to him”


(Speaker: Deepa Malik)

” Very well, very inspiring & motivating. Will recommend her to our other Clients too. This was her second talk with Novartis.”


Excellent, hassle free, smooth co-ordination with Spriha. Great Team, Excellent work!

ZS Associates

(Speaker: Kalki Koechlin)

“Wanted to again say a BIG THANK YOU!!! You were amazing, I am so awestruck – loved hosting you. You have earned so many more fans now (with myself being the biggest one). Everyone connected with you so beautifully and it was one of our best sessions, so THANK YOU for being candid and inspiring all of us.

Hope you enjoyed the conversation too. Wishing you all the best for your future endeavors.”


It wouldn’t have been possible without you! Thanks for baring with my calls at any time of the day and thanks for making this work

UB Group

(Speaker: Sairee Chahal)

Thank you for setting up the engagement, We have all found it engaging and highly relevant.

White Hat Jr

(Speaker: Naina Lal Kidwai)

“The session was fantastic.
A big thank you to Naina Lal Kidwai and you.”


(Speaker: Naina Lal Kidwai)

“Thank you very much, Naina. Much appreciated.

We’ve had the most incredible response to your session. I’ve had many colleagues walk up to talk about how your session and stories resonated with them – I had male colleagues come up with instances when their partners have come back home and shared instances that rang more than just a bell. A number of them talked about needing to reflect on their style as managers – agnostic of the gender of their team.

Most grateful for your time and generous sharing of experiences.”

Morgan stanley

(Speaker: Tisca Chopra)

“The session was very well received and the attendees found the session very valuable. Tisca was very articulate, insightful and direct.

We had 1400+ attendees in this session! :)”


(Speaker: Raghav Bahl)

“Request you to convey our gratitude to Raghav for the candid, engaging and honest session.
We enjoyed and learned from him and his journey.

It was heartening to see such a senior Leader share his failures openly and frankly.”


Thanks a lot for helping us in identifying a speaker and organizing the session.


Nice session. Relevant for the audience


Loved the energy, the impact. Best session till date

(Speaker: Prakash Iyer)

Loved engaging with you on this speaker session

Hindus of Greater Houston

(Speaker: Devdutt Pattanaik)

Thanks for the help this was great I’ll definitely recommend to others.

Guardian India Operations Private Limited

(Speaker: Deepa Malik)

The overall experience was good. Looking forward to more such associations in future.

(Speaker: Neelam Dhawan)

“I wanted to thank you for the session with us today. As we discussed in our prep conversation, this is a leadership team that has many challenges in general, and certainly in this new normal era.

I think the engagement of the team during the session, show thirst to learn from your insights was the best proof that the team enjoyed listening to your view and learning from your experience.”


(Speaker: Deepa Malik)

“Thank you both for joining us today at the AdobeForAll India session!

It was incredibly moving and inspiring to hear you both – thank you for sharing so much about your life, with us. Conversations are still on about you, people sending notes to thank us for inviting you. It’s been a fantastic week at Adobe, as we have heard from speakers across the globe, all week and you brought us to an incredible finish.”

(Speaker: Zoya Akhtar)

“Wanted to thank you and Zoya again for a brilliant session.
While it was a subject that could be perceived as very sensitive, we’re happy to let you know that we had a 98% approval rating for this event. Over 650 people attended across our offices.
The audience just loved Zoya’s answers and her candid, tell-it-like-it-is approach. I’m sure you saw that in person as well. Many people wanted the session to go on for longer.
Look forward to a continued partnership with TOSB for future events. “

Goldman Sachs

“Your session was very well received and built awareness on LGBT issues as well as role of Allies in this journey.

We hope you enjoyed this engagement as much as we enjoyed hosting you.

Look forward to future partnerships. “

Morgan stanley

(Speaker: Vaishali Kasture)

It was a great kick-off for our Inspire Leadership Series. Your session was very inspiring and the experiences you shared on themes of Resilience, Risk and Rise were well received.
While there was a lot to draw out of your crisp 30 minute talk, there is one key takeaway which was extremely insightful – “If you are only getting positive feedback and everybody wants you to be a part of their initiatives, it is time to move on into a new challenge where you are uncomfortable.”

Your personal anecdotes were truly motivating – a large number of people came back with an extremely positive feedback.


(Speaker: Arunima Sinha)

I am delighted to inform you that the session yesterday was extremely insightful and well appreciated by all. Our day would have lost its completeness without this incorporation.
I thank you, Shreya and the entire team for the amazing support and co-ordination. Though it was a last minute program, you helped us get closure smoothly.
Do convey our gratitude to Ms. Arunima Sinha as well.
Look forward to partnering with you again.  

Asian Paints

(Speaker: Deepa Malik)

The session was greatly appreciated by the audience for its content as well as delivery.
Deepaji made a huge impression with her life story, inspiring members to overcome all odds in pursuit of their dreams. The message also resonated very well with the theme of our conference 

Aditya Birla

(Speaker: Boman Irani)

Great session & Great working with your guys and thank you for everything 


(Speaker: Prakash Iyer)

We have received excellent feedback from Senior Management team of Union Bank of India for Mr.Prakash Iyer’s session on 28th January 2017.  

Jubilant Food

(Speaker: Devdutt Pattanaik)

Giving Devdutt 3 would be injustice to how well he managed audience and interacted with him.
Everyone talked very high about his session.

Rest of the things were also well coordinated and we got immediate response from you or your team.

We appreciate high degree of professionalism shown from start to end.Thanks and let’s be in touch for future opportunity to interact / to work together. 


(Speaker: Deepa Malik)

It was a pleasure to have to have Ms.Malik and you at our annual conference for 2017.We have received an overwhelming response from all our employees for Ms.Malik’s session. Thank you for all the support. We look forward to contact you for many more speaking engagements in the near future as well. 


(Speaker: Deepa Malik)

I’d like to thank your team for making our event a resounding success – even after a week, our colleagues are still talking about Deepa. 


(Speaker: Sairee Chahal)

All went well yesterday. Thank you for helping make this happen.


(Speaker: Gen. V. P. Malik)

Good morning sir. Every one enjoyed your speech a lot. It was extremely moving and inspiring.Thanks a lot.

ReNew Power Private Limited

Thank you Siddharth it was a pleasure hosting Abhishek

Many thanks to extremely professional conduct of the team at Outstanding Speakers Bureau who were with us throughout.

We will be in touch again soon (Abhishek Upmanyu)


(Speaker: Deepa Malik)

It was a great session with DR. Deepa Malik full of motivation and encourages to us not to stop our self ever for grow. 


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