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Make sense of an increasingly complex world with TOSB Conversation Starters. Where we cut through the clutter to present top insights from some of the world’s leading experts on the ideas that are shaping our world. This is where you can find quick takes from our most sought-after speakers and get to know them better.

List of Episodes

The Art of Tech Advocacy, with Innovator & Futurist Anand Tamboli

In today’s fast-paced digital age, businesses are constantly under pressure to keep up with the latest technology trends. However, this can often lead to “technical debt” where a company’s outdated technology becomes a hindrance to its progress. We spoke to innovator and futurist Anand Tamboli on how tech advocates and advisors can provide an unbiased perspective to help businesses make informed decisions about their tech investments and avoid costly mistakes.

Breaking down the concept of “Bias”, with Shruti Swaroop

Can biases help us get a deeper and more meaningful understanding of ourselves? What do they tell us about how our brain works, and how we interact with the world around us? Find out in this interactive session with Inclusion Champion & DEI Expert Shruti Swaroop

Why DEI should be a top priority for leaders in 2023, with Shruti Swaroop

In a year that started with high-profile layoffs and the possibility of a looming recession, DEI efforts are set to get hit, but this is in fact the right time to re-focus and re-prioritise. We spoke to Inclusion Champion and DEI Expert Shruti Swaroop on why building a sense of belonging and psychological safety at work is paramount right now. What can businesses do to combat “Diversity Fatigue”? And what should be the top DEI priorities for leaders in 2023?

Design Your Life, Workshop with Raman Nanda

Everything around us is designed by someone, how about designing our own lives? We spoke with Raman Nanda, Leadership Mentor & Coach, about how one can design his/her own thinking with few simple steps like empathising, defining, ideating, prototyping and testing. Through the workshops one can change/enhance portfolios and figure out how to put their skills at work. Raman Nanda is the Founder and CEO of STEP Transformations, which focuses on transforming businesses and their leadership. He also works with Family Business Owners to help them professionalize and scale up in business as well as in their personal lives.

Scaling Businesses: A Secret Mantra with Manoj Chugh

When and how should a business focus on scaling up? How can advisors help? Is there a secret mantra to grow up? Listen to this conversation starter with IT industry leader Manoj Chugh to find out! An ICT industry veteran, Manoj has managed and led businesses to achieve pole position, across Technology & Services, over the last 40 years. He is credited with being the Pioneer of the Internet Revolution in India.

Entrepreneurship without Borders with Space Diplomat Dr Susmita Mohanty

What can #spacediplomacy teach us about leading and solving problems across geographical borders? Space Diplomat Dr Susmita Mohanty sheds light on the intricacies of #space, #technology and #geopolitics in this conversation starter. Learn about the biggest technologies that are set to disrupt work and life, from one of the leading voices at the forefront of cutting-edge technological revolutions.

In conversation with “the MoonWalker” | Spaceship Designer and Serial Space Entrepreneur Dr Susmita Mohanty

“We get to build science fiction but in real terms,” says Space Designer & Entrepreneur Dr Susmita Mohanty. From space travel to space innovations, and space entrepreneurship – this riveting conversation seems right out of a sci-fi film. We spoke to Susmita about the fascinating world of space design and how these innovations affect us here on Earth; the future of commercial space flights; and lots more.

The Start-Up Challenge

After facing strong headwinds, what does the year 2023 look like for the Indian start-up space? What will be the biggest challenges and opportunities for founders this year? Award-winning IT industry leader Manoj Chugh sheds light with us on TOSB Conversation Starters. An ICT industry veteran, Manoj has managed and led businesses to achieve pole position, across Technology & Services, over the last 40 years. He is credited with being the Pioneer of the Internet Revolution in India.


In this 2-part series, we are speaking to leadership development coach & facilitator Nirupama Subramaniam on the “Six Feminine Powers” model. We spoke of how women can tap into their unique abilities by channeling the powers of the 6 archetypes – innocent Kanya, seductive Apsara, warrior-like Veera, noble Rani, nurturing Maa, and the wise Rishika. In this conversation, we find out how this model can be adopted in the workplace to empower women, and what organizations can learn from it.


In the run-up to International Women’s Day 2023, we are speaking to women who inspire us to think differently and act with courage. In this conversation with Nirupama Subramaniam, leadership development coach, facilitator, and author of “Powerful – The Indian woman’s guide to unlocking her full potential”, we delve into the symbology of the six female archetypes – the innocent Kanya, seductive Apsara, warrior-like Veera, noble Rani, nurturing Maa, and the wise Rishika. Changing the conversation from how these stereotypes shackle women to how they can enable them, Nirupama uses the wisdom of archetypes to provide practical advice to women to claim the powers they need to achieve their goals.

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