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List of Episodes

Marketing to Consumers in the Digital & AI World with Siddharth Banerjee

How are Digital and AI adoption changing consumer behaviour and decision making? How can businesses adapt and integrate new technologies to enhance their customers’ journeys? As the role of marketers goes beyond selling products to creating experiences, fostering relationships, and building deeper consumer connections, we dissect the key trends and opportunities to look out for.

Mid-management to C-Suite: Charting the Roadmap with Siddharth Banerjee

From building a personal brand to nurturing the right energy and empathy to rally your teams, we spoke to global business leader Siddharth Banerjee about what it takes for professionals to move from mid-management to C-suite roles. Siddharth delved into the crucial role mentors and coaches can play on this journey. And offered insightful and actionable tips and a strategic approach to growing your career.

Aparna Piramal Raje: LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® – A “seriously” fun team workshop

“Creativity is all about taking risks, and fun and play allow people to take those risks”, says Aparna Piramal Raje, speaking about the breakthrough LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® workshop she facilitates. In this unique workshop format, participants use Lego bricks to solve problems and make decisions. LSP has proven to be an effective format to facilitate faster and better decision-making, enhance collaboration, and foster creative thinking amongst teams. Learn all about this unique workshop format from best-selling author and trained LSP facilitator Aparna Piramal Raje in the latest of our #TOSBConversationStarters.

Aparna Piramal Raje: Striking the balance for a people-oriented performance culture

When leaders share their journeys and struggles, it empowers others to speak openly and honestly, says leadership expert Aparna Piramal Raje. As a successful leader herself who has led businesses and thrived in her career of 20+ years despite dealing with bipolar disorder, Aparna has a unique viewpoint on personal well-being and performance at work. In her book Chemical Khichdi, she outlines her journey along with actionable tips to “hack” your mental health and find equilibrium amidst stress, anxiety, and depression. Listen to this insightful conversation to learn how Aparna is bringing her learning to businesses and leaders to help them create a “people-first” and “performance-oriented” work culture.

Pride Month Special: Understanding LGBTQ+ Hiring with Umang Sheth

Building inclusive workplaces starts with hiring a diverse workforce. Why should organizations prioritise LGBTQ+ hiring? How does this affect their work culture, performance, brand equity and more? We spoke with Umang Sheth, founder of the Hugging Club of India, a change enabler and advocate for gay rights, on the nuances of hiring people from the community and fostering open and honest conversations in the workplace for Pride Month 2023.

The Art of Tech Advocacy, with Innovator & Futurist Anand Tamboli

In today’s fast-paced digital age, businesses are constantly under pressure to keep up with the latest technology trends. However, this can often lead to “technical debt” where a company’s outdated technology becomes a hindrance to its progress. We spoke to innovator and futurist Anand Tamboli on how tech advocates and advisors can provide an unbiased perspective to help businesses make informed decisions about their tech investments and avoid costly mistakes.

Breaking down the concept of “Bias”, with Shruti Swaroop

Can biases help us get a deeper and more meaningful understanding of ourselves? What do they tell us about how our brain works, and how we interact with the world around us? Find out in this interactive session with Inclusion Champion & DEI Expert Shruti Swaroop

Why DEI should be a top priority for leaders in 2023, with Shruti Swaroop

In a year that started with high-profile layoffs and the possibility of a looming recession, DEI efforts are set to get hit, but this is in fact the right time to re-focus and re-prioritise. We spoke to Inclusion Champion and DEI Expert Shruti Swaroop on why building a sense of belonging and psychological safety at work is paramount right now. What can businesses do to combat “Diversity Fatigue”? And what should be the top DEI priorities for leaders in 2023?

Design Your Life, Workshop with Raman Nanda

Everything around us is designed by someone, how about designing our own lives? We spoke with Raman Nanda, Leadership Mentor & Coach, about how one can design his/her own thinking with few simple steps like empathising, defining, ideating, prototyping and testing. Through the workshops one can change/enhance portfolios and figure out how to put their skills at work. Raman Nanda is the Founder and CEO of STEP Transformations, which focuses on transforming businesses and their leadership. He also works with Family Business Owners to help them professionalize and scale up in business as well as in their personal lives.

Scaling Businesses: A Secret Mantra with Manoj Chugh

When and how should a business focus on scaling up? How can advisors help? Is there a secret mantra to grow up? Listen to this conversation starter with IT industry leader Manoj Chugh to find out! An ICT industry veteran, Manoj has managed and led businesses to achieve pole position, across Technology & Services, over the last 40 years. He is credited with being the Pioneer of the Internet Revolution in India.

Entrepreneurship without Borders with Space Diplomat Dr Susmita Mohanty

What can #spacediplomacy teach us about leading and solving problems across geographical borders? Space Diplomat Dr Susmita Mohanty sheds light on the intricacies of #space, #technology and #geopolitics in this conversation starter. Learn about the biggest technologies that are set to disrupt work and life, from one of the leading voices at the forefront of cutting-edge technological revolutions.

In conversation with “the MoonWalker” | Spaceship Designer and Serial Space Entrepreneur Dr Susmita Mohanty

“We get to build science fiction but in real terms,” says Space Designer & Entrepreneur Dr Susmita Mohanty. From space travel to space innovations, and space entrepreneurship – this riveting conversation seems right out of a sci-fi film. We spoke to Susmita about the fascinating world of space design and how these innovations affect us here on Earth; the future of commercial space flights; and lots more.

The Start-Up Challenge

After facing strong headwinds, what does the year 2023 look like for the Indian start-up space? What will be the biggest challenges and opportunities for founders this year? Award-winning IT industry leader Manoj Chugh sheds light with us on TOSB Conversation Starters. An ICT industry veteran, Manoj has managed and led businesses to achieve pole position, across Technology & Services, over the last 40 years. He is credited with being the Pioneer of the Internet Revolution in India.


In this 2-part series, we are speaking to leadership development coach & facilitator Nirupama Subramaniam on the “Six Feminine Powers” model. We spoke of how women can tap into their unique abilities by channeling the powers of the 6 archetypes – innocent Kanya, seductive Apsara, warrior-like Veera, noble Rani, nurturing Maa, and the wise Rishika. In this conversation, we find out how this model can be adopted in the workplace to empower women, and what organizations can learn from it.


In the run-up to International Women’s Day 2023, we are speaking to women who inspire us to think differently and act with courage. In this conversation with Nirupama Subramaniam, leadership development coach, facilitator, and author of “Powerful – The Indian woman’s guide to unlocking her full potential”, we delve into the symbology of the six female archetypes – the innocent Kanya, seductive Apsara, warrior-like Veera, noble Rani, nurturing Maa, and the wise Rishika. Changing the conversation from how these stereotypes shackle women to how they can enable them, Nirupama uses the wisdom of archetypes to provide practical advice to women to claim the powers they need to achieve their goals.

Why Belonging Matters: A Conversation Starter with Gautam Khetrapal

“Do you notice that the more developed a country, lesser is the human connection..?” Gautam Khetrapal talks about the importance of feeling a sense of belonging, how loneliness impacts our physiology and how can we build better connections. We deep dive into his immensely popular TEDx talk – “Currency of Belonging” where Gautam touched on the biggest ideas and latest research that is shaping how we approach social connections and finding our tribe.

Leading from the Heart: A Conversation Starter with Gautam Khetrapal

Is functioning from the heart relevant in modern workplaces? According to transformational speaker Gautam Khetrapal, it is critically so. In this micro-cast, Gautam outlines a leadership approach that is rooted in the heart. In finding empathy and compassion in our interactions towards building stronger teams and more successful companies. Tune in for a snippet of this larger conversation. Gautam is often invited to leadership offsites to speak on ideas such as leading from the heart, the currency of belonging, bio-hacking to optimal performance, and more. Reach out to us to engage with him.

Bringing more women to Finance, with Bijna Kotak Dasani

How has Covid impacted women in the workplace? How can we build workplaces that are more inclusive of minorities? What is the future for equal pay and inclusive work policies? Dr. Bijna Kotak, one of the leading names in global banking and financial services, shared her thoughts with us on this podcast. Bijna has been a champion of the DE&I agenda since early in her career and is today involved in several projects and mentorship programs to improve the diversity agenda within her industry. Engage with Bijna for conversations and keynotes on Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, women in finance and mentorships for female talent. Talk to our team to know more.

Bio-hacking: The secret to Optimal Performance, with Gautam Khetrapal

Transformational speaker Gautam Khetrapal shares bio hacks to enhance cognitive and physical performance on a daily basis; from nutrition to sleep, fitness and more. In this conversation, we spoke to Gautam about the basic principles of bio-hacking for optimal performance. Daily changes that can have a lasting effect. And simple habits that can transform our mental and physical being towards more energised, engaged and elevated living. Tune in to hear more. Gautam is the founder of LifePlugin, which he refers to as the Disneyland of Learning & Education. A space to meet, learn and grow towards living more adventurous, joyful and fulfilling lives. Reach out to us to engage with him for your organization.

Apoorva Bapna & Deepak Kashyap: Nurturing Corporate Allies for Pride Month

When it comes to supporting Pride at work, how far have organisations come? Why is the Pride Month so relevant for businesses? And what can we gain from a stronger collaboration between corporates and the LGBTQ community? We brought in two guests to give us their perspectives from two very different lenses. Apoorva Bapna, Chief Culture Officer at WPP comes with a lens of how corporates are approaching diversity and inclusion and how Pride Month acts as an impetus. And counselling therapist Deepak Kashyap offers a voice for the community, bringing his rich layers of learning from years of working in sensitising businesses and creating more inclusive work places for queer people. Engage with our speakers and experts to build meaningful conversations on #PrideMonth, DEI, workplace sensitisation and more. Reach out at

Sharif D Rangnekar – Pride Month – Celebration or Appropriation?

June is celebrated every year as Pride Month. But amidst so much social media noise, are we losing its real significance? How can organizations specifically understand and celebrate the true spirit of Pride Month? Author & LGBTQ+ activist Sharif Rangnekar shared his thoughts with us, tapping into his own experience growing up as a gay man in India. With over 25 years of experience in the fields of media, publishing, research and public relations, he uses talks, writing, event curation and music, to advocate change and garner support for the LGBTQ+ community. A communications and workplace sensitisation consultant, Sharif is the author of Straight To Normal, a TedX speaker and the Festival Director of the Rainbow Lit Fest.

Bharat Wakhlu:Class of 2020: Entering the workforce amidst the pandemic

For those who have joined the workforce in the last 2 years, amidst the pandemic, lockdowns and hybrid working, it’s been a very different work environment. What should they know about the new paradigm? And charting success in this new world? Author of “Navigating the Maze: Simple, Smarter Strategies to Fast-track Success” Bharat Wakhlu spoke to us about better communication, enhanced listening, and a spiritual bend of mind to master the world of work. Tune in to hear the conversation! With over 35 years of experience, Bharat has coached and mentored hundreds of leaders throughout his career, enabling them to reach their full potential. Reach out to our team to engage with Bharat for leadership mentoring and coaching.

Eika Chaturvedi Banerjee: Ancient wisdom for healthier workplaces

We spoke to Business leader & founder of wellness org Eikam, Eika on how ancient wisdom and mythology can help businesses and individuals find deeper meaning in their work. Listen to the podcast. #tosbconversationstarters

Ashwin Naik: 5 Ways Organisations Can Enable the Transition to New Work Models

Author and award-winning healthcare entrepreneur Ashwin Naik shared with us his “Top 5” on what organizations can do to enable a safe and comfortable transition for employees as they adapt to new work models. On #World Day for Safety and Health at Work, here’s a recap. Talk to our team to engage with Ashwin for your organization. #TOSBConversationStarters #ConversationsThatMatter

Bharat Wakhlu: “Leaders Can No Longer Sit in their Ivory Towers”

Leadership Mentor and Management Consultation Bharat Wakhlu spoke to us about the most pressing challenges for leaders in 2022. And the critical skills they will need to lead in a world that continues to be in a state of flux. With over 35 years of experience, Bharat has coached and mentored hundreds of senior leaders throughout his career, enabling them to reach their full potential. Reach out to our team to engage with Bharat for leadership mentoring and coaching.

Deepak Kashyap: Building Psychological Safety in the Workplace

Counselling therapist and life skills trainer Deepak Kashyap explains what it means to have psychological safety at work. How it can help teams and organizations grow. And why it’s high time we start paying attention to it. Deepak works with organizations to build their Diversity and Inclusion initiatives, nurture LGBTQ2S+ leadership and employee mental health. Reach out to our team to engage with him for more insights on creating a psychologically healthy workplace.

Takeaways: 5 Ways to Manage Kids as a WFH Mom | Mansi Zaveri

In “Takeaways”, we bring you the top 5 insights from our conversations with global experts. In this episode, tune in for 5 tips for “Work From Homes” moms to manage family and kids, from one of India’s leading voices in the parenting space Mansi Zaveri. Mansi is the founder and CEO of parenting and child care platform, which boasts over 10 million views per month. Based out of Mumbai, this mom of two combined her passion for the digital medium and her parenting journey to become an entrepreneur, leaving behind her corporate life to empower parents to make informed choices. Mansi is the voice of the new-age discerning Indian parent and has emerged as the strongest influencer in the parenting and baby care space. Reach out to us to engage with Mansi Zaveri.

Mansi Zaveri: The “Superwoman” Syndrome & Other Roles Women Take (IWD 2022)

Founder and CEO of parenting and childcare platform, Mansi Zaveri spoke to us on how Covid-19 has exaggerated the “superwoman” syndrome, how working moms can find better balance in WFH, tips for young mothers coming back to work, and what all organisations can do to align with these needs. For more such insights on women in the workplace, reach out to us and engage with Mansi.

Eika Banerjee: Breaking the Myths on Gender (IWD2022)

Business leader and founder of Eikam – the wisdom organisation – Eika Chaturvedi Bannerjee spoke to us about how ancient wisdom and mythology can help us tackle gender bias in the current world. From goddess archetypes to mythological tales and symbolism, she delves into the idea of gender across time and geographies. And how it can show the way to a more empowered work environment for all sexes. Part of our International Women’s Day series #BreakTheBias.

Engage with Eika to build meaningful conversations on gender and inclusion in the workplace. Or customise an intervention for your organisation through Eikam’s innovative workshops that blend the wisdom and intuition of the East with the knowledge and science of the West. Connect with us to know more.

Gauri Devidyal: Building India’s most Beloved F&B Brand

From switching careers to hopping countries and building one of India’s favourite F&B brands, Gauri Devidyal has created her own space in a typically male-dominated industry. A leading restauranter and co-founder of the hugely popular SoBo restaurant, The table, Gauri spoke to us about what it takes to achieve success in the highly competitive world of hospitality, especially without any prior experience in the space. And how her own brand has evolved in the process.

Gauri hosts the podcast, ‘This Round Is On Me’, which features thought leaders and visionaries in different industries sharing their lessons from past experiences and thoughts on future trends. Reach out to us to engage with Gauri on what it takes to redefine and realign organizational goals to chart a new road to success.

Jaspreet Bindra: Understanding the Metaverse

Digital Transformation and Blockchain expert Jaspreet Bindra( is one of the leading voices today on the technologies that are changing our world. Listen to him as he decodes the next big evolution of the internet – the Metaverse. Is it real? And if so, how can companies prepare for it? How will it change the way we use the internet? From Facebook’s renaming and Microsoft’s enterprise metaverse, to cryptocurrency, NFTs, gaming and lots more, this is one power-packed conversation you don’t want to miss! Reach out to us to engage with Jaspreet for advice and leading insights on the most cutting-edge technologies affecting work and life – from AI and robotics to Digital Transformation, Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies and more.

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