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The Outstanding Speakers’ Bureau works at the crossroads of people and ideas. Our speakers and experts bring their cutting-edge perspectives on the biggest ideas that are shaping the world today.

Our network consists of a wide range of motivational speakers, industry leaders, story tellers, brand gurus, celebrities, bureaucrats, activists, entrepreneurs and more, who deliver experiential knowledge for our clients. From AI to storytelling, from boardroom philosophies to the gig economy, their knowledge and insights help our clients evaluate and gain new perspectives on the most challenging aspects of their businesses so that they can make informed decisions.

Our clients include several MNCs, Fortune 500s, SMEs and prominent industry forms. We work closely with each of them to understand their organisational life cycle, identify their current needs and match these with the relevant external viewpoints and insights. Our customised interventions cut across platforms – including keynote sessions, workshops, webinars, board meetings, influencer engagements, CEO mentoring and start-up counselling – and are designed to bring alive even the most complex ideas with expert content.

With their knowledge and expertise, our outstanding speakers inspire and enable a fresh thought, a big picture, a bird’s eye view and a creative outlook to spark not just new ideas but a brand-new think!

The Outstanding Speakers’ Bureau is a division of Genesis BCW, one of India’s leading public relations and public affairs firms, delivering integrated communication services



Endgame or Next Tango?
July 24, 2020

Sujit Kumar

After the launch of JIO in 2016 and subsequent bleeding of incumbent operators, Indian Telecom became a bad word in the world of capital. But in the last few months, the pendulum has swung to the other extreme. Over Rs 1,50,000 crores has been invested by strategic and private equity players from across the seven seas, notwithstanding the unparalleled dislocations caused by Covid. This has been followed by exuberant analyses of the surprisingly breath-taking and strategic moves in our very own country which have made us all so very proud. All of that is true. But is this really the endgame as many would like us to believe?


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July 6, 2020

Private: Kriti Makhija

Change is about the old dying and the new wanting to be born. The new during crisis, will be born only if we expand and change our perspective and mindset. Is the present crisis the precursor to the shift to human-centred organizational cultures?

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Takeaways: The Inner Dimensions of Wholesome Leadership with Bharat Wakhlu
July 6, 2020

TOSB Editorial Desk

The biggest leadership challenges of today’s world are manifesting in three critical dimensions – the Intelligence, Spiritual orientation and Emotional stability & resilience of leaders. Building competencies across these three inner dimensions will be necessary to not just grow as a leader but to integrate inclusive and equitable growth for others as well as your business.

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