6 Fun Ways to Celebrate International Women’s Day 2022

Wondering how to plan for your International Women’s Day (IWD) activities this year? We have got you covered with some unique ideas based on our years of experience facilitating engagements across industries.

Every year, 8th March is commemorated as a day to celebrate women and build meaningful dialogues on gender equality. Organizations often carry out activities across the month towards discussing and highlighting this important cause within their work place. These range from motivational talks featuring women achievers to advisory sessions with D&I experts, mentorship programs for female employees and lots more.

If you are planning your IWD activities for the year, here are 6 interesting formats to choose from:

1. Panel Discussion: Bring together a strong panel of experts including Diversity & Inclusion speakers, women leaders, male allies and more to draw inspiration and learn from their perspectives.

2. Podcast Series: Leverage the increasingly popular podcast format by inviting eminent speakers on your own channel, creating an audio series for your employees or join the conversation on our podcast TOSB Conversation Starters.

3. Workshops & Trainings: Engage with our expert trainers and coaches to tailor-make programs for your employees. You can choose to adapt these to this year’s IWD theme – #BreakTheBias.

4. Mentorship Program: Build your own Diversity & Inclusion focus by designing mentoring programs with our experts, tailored specifically for your female employees.

5. Video Stores: Build captivating visual content that captures inspiring stories of women from within and outside your organization. Think of real-life heroes who motivate with their stories, leaders who have shattered the glass ceiling, individuals who personify going beyond gender norms and much more.

6. Influencer Engagements: Amplify your brand’s message for IWD 2022 by partnering with Key Opinion Leaders and Social Media Influencers who can multiply your reach and engagement within their audience.

While gender equality is not limited to a day or month, March is a great time to pick up the dialogue, hold meaningful conversations and showcase the work your organization has been doing on this front.

Talk to our team of experts to discuss these and other interesting ways to celebrate IWD 2022. We can help you identify the right voices as well as formats to build engaging and meaningful discussions on women and gender in the workplace.

You can also browse through a selection of our leading women speakers or write to us at contact@tosb.in.