Our Top Mental Health & Wellness Experts for Covid-19 Blues

With Covid-19 lockdowns affecting work and life everywhere, mental health and wellbeing is in more focus than ever. Be it self-care and tackling daily stress in these unusual times; building a strong support system for your teams and organisation; or hacking your own growth and creativity amidst uncertainty.

These 10 mental health and wellness experts offer expert advice on dealing with the Covid-19 world through webinars and online masterclasses that tackle everything from age-old wisdom to learning hacks, mental resilience, self-awareness, releasing fear and anxiety, and much more.

With 18 years’ experience in High Performance Sporting environments, Shayamal has worked as a performance coach to various high-profile athletes, assisting them to enhance their competitive edge. Two decades on field and three years of living as a monk taught him the art and science of work-life balance. Today, he focuses on healing the body and mind with science and spirituality.

Srikumar Rao is founder of The Rao Institute, a unique community dedicated to helping individuals live lives of extraordinary accomplishment and deep fulfilment. Rao is also an adviser to senior business executives, whom he helps find deeper meaning and engagement in their work. His highly popular course “Creativity & Personal Mastery” teaches students how to discover their unique purpose, creativity and happiness,

A computer engineer by education, Tribes Strategist by experience and a personal transformation enthusiast at heart, Gautam brings his unique perspective to learning in the modern world, touching on ideas like belief hacking, authenticity, personal mastery and finding your tribe. At the very core of everything he creates, lies the playful, adventurous, and passionate energy that Gautam brings to the table.

On her Mission of ‘Ability Beyond Disability’, Dr Deepa Malik has created 4 Limca World Records, becoming the first paraplegic woman in biking, river swimming, high altitude mountain driving & car rallies like Desert Storm & Raid-De-Himalaya. With her inspiring story, Deepa motivates her audience to take charge of their personal transformation and life journey.

Devdutt Pattanaik writes on relevance of mythology in modern times. Trained in medicine, he worked for 15 years in the healthcare and pharma industries before he plunged full time into his passion. Author of 50 books and 1000 columns, including several bestsellers, he is known for his innovative approach that taps into uplifting anecdotes and lessons from mythology.

Gaur Gopal Das shares spiritual insights to help people live a happier and more holistic life. Serving in the leadership at ISKCON, he has spoken at various prestigious colleges. He has been actively involved in guiding leading doctors and medical professionals. And has also worked with leading corporate firms like Infosys, Barclays, E&Y, Macintosh Inc.

A versatile, award-winning veteran actor, Ashish channels his captivating screen presence into highly motivating, engaging and interactive talks. Through his sessions, Ashish applies his storytelling skills to incite positivity, creativity and to unleash the inner potential of his audience. His entrepreneurial venture, Avid Miner, focuses on helping organizations through their specific needs and challenges by curating out-of-the-box, customized modules.

Poojya Swami Sukhabodhananda is an Indian monk and sought-after “corporate guru” who helps people by deconstructing and decoding critical challenges in their personal and corporate lives towards providing holistic solutions. His sessions focus on bringing clarity without adding to redundant beliefs and concepts; thus “understanding, transforming and transcending the mind”.

Astute, passionate and perceptive, Eika, believes in deriving faith from the ‘power of within’. Along with talking about women’s issues and diversity, she brings her unique perspective on Indian history, mythology and yoga to a corporate environment. Her sessions teach that one only needs to turn inwards in any context for the right answers – be it individual, organisational, national or global.

Leena Gupta is the founder of the Wellness company, “Vibrant Living with Leena”. Her sessions focus on various aspects of self-improvement, such as building mindfulness through movement therapy; emotional wellness and intelligence; self-love and handling change and adversity. With her powerful techniques, Leena takes her clients from ideas to completion; from concepts to action plans; from inner potential to dynamic solutions.



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