Roomy Khan

Former Trader & Wall Street Analyst

A former analyst who was involved in one of the biggest insider trading cases in US history, Roomy today warns others of the perils of white-collar crime. She breaks down ideas of ethics, confidentiality and what it means to motivate yourself through tough times.

Roomy went from a middle-class family upbringing to building an over 100-million-dollar fortune. And in a full circle, from living in a 15-million-dollar home to a room in federal prison. She uses her cautionary tale and industry insights to educate people to make better decisions and to make things right.

With 20 years of professional experience in the technology industry and Wall Street, Roomy was intimately involved in the Galleon insider trading case, the biggest case successfully prosecuted by the US government. She cooperated with the federal government for over six years during which she expounded the mechanics of the financial industry, various conduits of information and ultimately testified in federal court.

Roomy was profiled on CBS’s 60 Minutes in May 2016 (A Rare Look at How Insider Trading Works) for her role working undercover for federal authorities in their crackdown on insider trading, known as ‘Operation Perfect Hedge’. She was personally charged with wire fraud and insider trading, and she served one year in the federal prison in Coleman, Florida.

She is now telling her side of the story and lecturing at corporations, business schools and professional societies across the country. Her case and her role have been cited extensively in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal and on major television business networks such as CNBC, research papers, and media.

Topics & Formats
  • Motivation & Storytelling
  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
  • Women Speakers
  • Ethics: Why is There a Breakdown in the Ethical Framework? Understanding Confidentiality Contracts Value System Survival: How to Motivate Oneself in Adversity and Build Yourself Up Again


Insider trading scandal leads to lies and deception-Roomy Khan-Fraud Magazine-February 2016