Technology Experts to Navigate Through the Covid-19 World

The Future of Work is already here. Digital transformation has been accelerated. Technology is bridging the gaps that the spread of Covid-19 created. These technology experts not only offer a perspective on the current tech landscape but also a view on what the future holds. Decode ideas such as blockchain, AI and big data. And understand how the latest innovations can transform your business, from cloud computing to gaming technologies and more.


Jaspreet is the Founder of Digital Matters, an advisory firm for Digital Transformation, Blockchain & the Future of Work. He is also a partner of Singularity University in India, a Digital Transformation and Technology Advisor to several companies, and a leading speaker and author on digital technologies as well as Blockchain.


Anand specializes in contemporary topics that are at the intersection of technology and people. With a degree in engineering & business, and having worked in a wide range of industries, countries, and cultures, Anand brings a deeper understanding on the impacts of technology. A transformation specialist and well-known innovation expert, Anand helps people in leveraging emerging technologies, adapting & developing an innovative mindset.


The Definitive Millennial Keynote Speaker on Trust Economy and Digital Innovation, Philipp has been described as ‘Innovation and Creative Disruption Personified’. He distils the complexity of the digital age into simple bold takeaways for C-Suites and leaders. Philipp speaks about digital transformation, disruptive innovation, smart cities, transformational technologies and start-up ecosystems.


With 30 years of experience in innovating for the Health and Education sectors, Siddhi specialises in strategic, operational and technology-enabled business transformation. She co-founded Beyond Identity, the technology delivery arm to compliment her consultancy business to develop IOT, AI and blockchain enabled solutions in supply chain and identity management. Her sessions provide an incisive look at the technologies that are shaping the world, including AI, VR and Blockchain as well as the future of work.


As former Secretary to the Government of India for Electronics and IT, Chairman of the Telecom Commission of India and Secretary Telecom and as President, NASSCOM, R Chandrashekhar possesses a unique breadth of expertise and experience, both in the government and private sector, that cover the entire gamut of the IT and telecom sectors. He is a strong advocate of forward-looking policies that power the country’s transition to a digital economy and a global IT powerhouse.


Varun Agarwal is seen as a youth icon for millennials. Varun started his company Alma Mater, along with his friend Rohn Malhotra, at the age of 22. Within three years, they grew the company from 0 to a million dollars in revenue, being funded twice by the Indian Angel Network. Alma mater is India’s largest school & college merchandise company that has worked with over 400 schools & colleges across 500 cities in India and have a customer base of over a million.


The poster boy for Internet Marketing and one of its earliest adopters, Avijit is a writer, anchor, speaker, and trainer. With his unmatched expertise in Digital Marketing, Avijit shares his insights on best practices in the domain and building your brand through storytelling. He is named amongst the top 25 influencers by Influencive, ranked as one of the top 100 digital icons of the region by Impact Magazine and credited to create 100 million dollar revenues for his clients.


An HR professional, speaker, life and leadership coach, marathon runner, columnist and a blogger Harlina is ranked among the Top 20 HR social media influencers. She speaks on organisational culture, learning and digital practices at workplace, diversity and future of work. Harlina started her venture Believe In Yourself in 2018, which specialises in building organisation culture, leadership capabilities, change management, talent capacity and diversity & inclusion.


The most followed author on Quora, Balaji Viswanathan is the CEO of India’s leading robotics company – Invento Robotics. His talks engage audiences with a vision to “unleash the power of AI”. Three-time award winner at the National Design Research Forum for his new innovations and an Asia finalist at the Young Inventors’s Awards in Singapore, Balaji has been invited to speak at multiple global forums including the World Economic Forum at Tianjin, China.


Building online businesses since 1995, Joel is an expert in harnessing the power of live video streaming, social media and internet marketing to expand a brand’s reach, increase its sales and engage in active relationship marketing. He is a highly sought-after public speaker who leaves his audiences inspired, entertained, and armed with the tools to create a new media campaign that can substantially expand their business.


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