Planning Off-sites for Outcomes

Our 4-step guide to planning off-sites that meet focused outcomes

The new financial year offers a fresh slate to begin work. And the question we are often confronted with is – how do we prepare our teams for the year ahead?

Whether you are tackling headwinds, sustaining momentum, or stepping up the game; every phase requires a different approach. But regardless, it’s important to keep employee morale high – a pat on the back, some hand-holding, a bit of retrospection and a lot of motivation can do wonders.

External perspectives help bring in the right stimulation at the right time. As a speakers’ bureau, we work closely with our clients to not just find the right speakers but also help set the larger agenda for their employee interactions. Here are the four steps to build an off-site agenda that mirrors the outcomes you want to achieve:

  • Understand the WHY

Set a clear objective for the off-site. Are you coming together to take stock of your previous efforts? Or are you looking towards setting new goals? Is it an opportunity for teams from different geographies or functions to interact? Or do they need to learn how to work together better?

  • Identify the WHO

It is important to analyse the mix of audience who will be present and who are the key target for your message. Do you need to inspire your sale force to meet their targets? Or does the marketing team need to change gear? Every function and level needs a different approach. For example, the speakers you would need to connect with your mid-management will not be the same as the ones who could inspire your top leaders.

  • Analyse the WHAT

What action do you want the target group to take? Is it a brainstorming session? A doze of motivation? Do you need to trigger creative thinking or strategic planning? Is it a specific skill set they need to strengthen, like time management, collaboration, storytelling, digital practices?

  • Find the VOICE

Once you have your messaging down, it’s time to identify which voice will carry it through. While training may need sector-specific experts, inspiration can come from any field and needs a strong storyteller. Celebrity speakers work well as a reward to celebrate recent successes. On the other hand, a regarded mentor would be more suitable for those in higher leadership positions.

Make your off-sites focused on outcomes by following this 4-step process to dig deeper into the current needs of your business. Why are you meeting? Who are you bringing together? What action do you want from them? Who can spur this action? An outside expert offers a refreshing perspective, which is ideal for a new year. And a New Think!

Contributed by Shreya Pilani (Business Leader, TOSB) and Akanksha Seth (Communications, TOSB).