Shubhra Mohanty

Mother I Motivational Speaker | Influencer | Reformist

Shubhra Mohanty is a mother, global motivational speaker, reformist and a transformation partner, who has been successfully inspiring and transforming many lives through her positive philosophy backed by logical reasoning and science.

She offers insights on a range of topics focused on personal transformation, including belief morphosis, women as leaders and optimum living as well as organisational transformation including humanizing leadership in organizations, diversity & inclusion, building a gender equal organization, women and work, women empowerment and women entrepreneurship.

A powerhouse of passion, vision, and purpose, Shubhra embodies the spirit and energy that can trick and shape your belief system with her tool of “BeTheBelief”. She shares content which promotes the belief that it all starts with a mindset shift, what Shubhra calls “controlled rebooting”. Her motivational talks help break the wall of superficial impotency by instilling the idea that everything you wish for is just a belief away.

She is at the forefront of a revolution to bring structural changes in the modern-day workplace. Shubhra is the founder of Women & Convention, a consulting and training organization that strives to train and equip women with all the defenses required to reign supreme in the corporate or entrepreneurial arena and be the catalysts for change.

As she tours several countries, her mission to help women rise to leadership roles, close the gender gap, embrace entrepreneurship and be self-reliant and instill strong belief in oneself to lead an abundant life has been appreciated and celebrated across audiences.

The insights Shubhra shares are experiences from real life lessons and are thus relatable by audience of any demographic strata. Her sessions are action packed, science backed, life changing, and belief instilling. Whether it’s a keynote at a conference, a fireside chat, or an annual corporate leadership meet, she will inspire your audience to change the way they perceive things and leave them with insights that will help them transform their lives.

Her work has been featured in ThriveGlobal, Influencive, Yahoo, and Economic Times to name a few.

Shubhra has worked in the past as a marketing expert, a brand strategist and has worked on ground-breaking campaigns handling blue chip brands for a billion-dollar retail giant & media conglomerate.

Topics & Formats
  • Women Speakers
  • Motivation & Storytelling
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
  • Team Building
  • Woman Entrepreneur
  • Women Empowerment
  • Leadership and Team Building


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