Nuzhat Jahan

Lawyer | Author | Life Coach | Dream Interpreter

Nuzhat Jahan is a corporate lawyer turned novelist from New Zealand. She speaks aboutunderstanding dreams and how they can help people unlock deep potential.

Over a decade ago, Nuzhat started researching dreams from different perspectives; psychological, sociological, cultural, and religious; and began writing about her research. After the international success of her first book, people from around the world started reaching out to her about their dreams.

Nuzhat has delivered sessions on dreams across leading corporates, universities, events, and membership clubs. Her inspirational talks inspire the listeners to solve problems, tap into great ideas, and hence enhance productivity using dream analysis.

Nuzhat is also known for her motivational sessions where she speaks about her journey from being a corporate lawyer to researching dream interpretation over 12 years, writing books,and then launching an app on dreams.

Currently based in Mumbai, Nuzhat also provides one on one life coaching.

  • Motivational Speakers
  • Dream interpretation for personal and professional developmental
  • Diversity and inclusivity; we all dream therefore we are one
  • Motivational sessions