Jonty Rhodes

Cricketer | Keynote Speaker

Jonty Rhodes is a former South African Test and One Day International cricketer. Commonly regarded as one of the greatest fielders of all times, Jonty’s fielding ability defied most critics, and gravity.

The first fielding superstar of world cricket, his focus and dedication to perfecting his craft, reflects some of the finest attributes achievers can hope for – to never say die, to never give up, to achieve the impossible, and to sustain an energy level that will carry teams and matches to victory. Audiences leave from his sessions with all these key skills reinforced and raring to go.

He revolutionised the art of fielding and created fielding coaches around the world. With Jonty fielding, batsmen used to fear hitting the ball his way. He made fielding cool and on par with batting and bowling, which held a superior spot prior to Jonty’s time.

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