“Leaders Can No Longer Sit In Their Ivory Towers”, Bharat Wakhlu

The uncertainty of the current times poses a tremendous challenge for leaders. Empathy has emerged as one of the most critical skills to lead in a world that continues to be in flux. How do you engage meaningfully with your teams? How do you continue to inspire and motivate them through tough times? And how would this affect your own evolution as a leader?

Leadership Mentor and Management Consultant Bharat Wakhlu spoke to us about his vision for leaders in 2022, based on his extensive work with senior leaders from across the globe. Here are some key takeaways from the podcast

Re-enforce the 6Es of Leadership; consciously and deliberately

The 6Es of leadership are more relevant today than ever before. They build a strong framework to lead, namely (i) Exposing the need for change, (ii) Envisioning the future that needs to be shaped, (iii) Enlisting other people to your vision, (iv) Ensuring they are committed to it, (v) Empowering and encouraging them to work towards it and (vi) finally, Exemplifying the behaviours you want to see through personal action.

Talent retention will be the biggest challenge for leaders in 2022

Since the outbreak of the pandemic, youngsters have especially re-prioritised their lives, questioning why they are doing what they are doing. And this has raised concerns for companies.

Bharat’s answer: “Democratise HR”. Engaging and dealing with talent should no longer be the sole purview of Human Resources. Managers need to get closely involved. Show up, show support and commit towards the progress of your team members.

Leaders can no longer sit in their ivory towers

In a hybrid world where work is taking on new meaning, leaders need to come closer to their teams and be sufficiently approachable. Empathy is the most pressing need of the hour; it’s important to listen and be compassionate.

Bharat recommends that boards should step in, to mentor and train leaders. Competencies should be reviewed as vigorously as compensations. And this is where leadership mentors and coaches can show the way.

Exemplify with personal action

Leaders set the tone with their behaviour and approach. And it is this which trickles down to managers and creates the culture of an organisation. Leaders must create the right precedent so that this accepting, empathising and inclusive work environment can reach even the youngest and newest of employees.

Listen to the entire podcast with Bharat Wakhlu on the biggest challenges for leaders in 2022. With over 35 years of experience, Bharat has coached and mentored hundreds of senior leaders throughout his career, enabling them to reach their full potential. Reach out to our team to engage with Bharat for leadership mentoring and coaching.

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