TOSB Top 10: Workshops, Masterclasses & Online Learning

Since the pandemic broke, online learning and upskilling has been on everyone’s minds. Whether you are looking for a personal development plan, training for your teams or business advisory for disruptive times, we have got you covered!

These 10 speakers offer a range of online sessions to cover your learning needs – from business resilience to managing change, building a personal brand, cultivating lifelong learning, growth hacks & branding tips, self-motivation & mental health, team building & motivation and lots more.

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Jaspreet Bindra: Expert in Digital Transformation, Blockchain & Cryptocurrency

Jaspreet is the Founder of Digital Matters, an advisory firm for Digital Transformation, Blockchain & the Future of Work. He is also a partner of Singularity University in India, a Digital Transformation and Technology Advisor to several companies, and a leading speaker and author on digital technologies as well as Blockchain.


  • How Covid-19 has fast forwarded the “Future of Work”
  • The Immune Organisation: Future-proofing organisations from Covid-like disruptions towards becoming ‘antifragile’
  • Using technology and organisational design to build business immunity and resilience
  • Lifelong Learning and Reskilling: How to cultivate the skill of continuous learning

“The Covid crisis could help us create shockproof companies – Jaspreet Bindra

Ajit Sharma: International Communication & Public Speaking Coach and TEDx Ambassador

Ajit is an international coach & TEDx ambassador, passionate about mentoring individuals and organisations to communicate their best. He is widely acknowledged in the industry for his human-centred engagement style and his focus on authentic storytelling, powerful ideas, compelling presentations, effective public speaking & communication.


  • Building your Personal Brand
  • How to Tell Your Authentic Story (both professional and personal)
  • The ABCDE of Strong Executive Presence
  • Effective Communication

The Art of Giving Introductions: Or How to Tell Your Authentic Story, Ajit Sharma

Devdutt Pattanaik: Author, Mythologist & Leadership Coach

Devdutt Pattanaik writes on relevance of mythology in modern times. Trained in medicine, he worked for 15 years in the healthcare and pharma industries before he plunged full time into his passion. Author of 50 books and 1000 columns, including several bestsellers, he is known for his innovative approach that taps into uplifting anecdotes and lessons from mythology.


  • Mythology in Work & Life
  • Learning from Mythology – Change, Collaboration, Diversity, Growth
  • Business Management & Mythology
  • How Stories Bind Organisations & Families


Dr Srikumar Rao: Happiness Teacher & Life Coach

Srikumar Rao is founder of The Rao Institute, a unique community dedicated to helping individuals live lives of extraordinary accomplishment and deep fulfilment. Rao is also an adviser to senior business executives, whom he helps find deeper meaning and engagement in their work. His highly popular course “Creativity & Personal Mastery” teaches students how to discover their unique purpose, creativity and happiness.

  • Cultivating Extreme Resilience
  • Creativity & Personal Mastery

Watch TOSB Conversations with Dr. Srikumar Rao,
Moderated by Personal Branding Coach Dr. Amit Nagpal


Roshan Abbas: TV Anchor, Communication Wiz & Entrepreneur

Roshan, who has spent two decades gathering expertise from an array of professions, is a charismatic speaker who traversed the journey from being an MC (Master of Ceremonies) to an MD (Managing Director). Having been a TV show presenter, radio host, theatre artist, and now the owner of an events company, he brings lessons from each of these vocations to effuse the skills of leadership, teamwork, and creativity in his audience.


  • Motivation through Storytelling
  • Workshops on Teamwork & Teambuilding
  • Marketing, Social Media & Branding
  • Diversity & Inclusion


Shayamal Vallabhjee: Sports Scientist & Performance Coach

With 18 years’ experience in High Performance Sporting environments, Shayamal has worked as a performance coach to various high-profile athletes, assisting them to enhance their competitive edge. Two decades on field and three years of living as a monk taught him the art and science of work-life balance. Today, he focuses on healing the body and mind with science and spirituality.


  • Health, Wellness & Spirituality
  • Achieving “Balance” in Life
  • Motivation/ Storytelling
  • Teamwork

Eika Chaturvedi Banerjee & Siddharth Banerjee: “Power Couple” of Hyper-learning, Global Business Leaders & Bestselling Authors

Astute, passionate and perceptive, Eika, believes in deriving faith from the ‘power of within’. Along with talking about women’s issues and diversity, she brings her unique perspective on Indian history, mythology and yoga to a corporate environment. Siddharth is an experienced leader, digital evangelist and award-winning marketer with nearly two decades of international business experience. He is also the bestselling-author of “Speechless” – a powerful DIY book on effective public speaking. Together, they wrote “52 Red Pills” which shares their own journey of cultivating “hyper-learning” as well as powerful techniques and hacks to become a lifelong learner.


  • Top 10 Learnings for Women in Leadership (Eika)
  • Higher Self Awareness via Eika’s “Self-Source Model”
  • Top 10 learnings & hacks from the corporate world, angel investing & growth hacking (Siddharth)
  • Power Brand Action Plan for 2020 (Siddharth)
  • 52 Red Pills: A Journey of Cultivating Hyper-learning (Eika & Siddharth)

Behind the Book: Fireside Chat with the Authors Of “52 Red Pills”. Watch TOSB Conversations with Eika & Siddharth Banerjee and Sairee Chahal, Founder, Sheroes.


Bharat Wakhlu: President, The Wakhlu Advisory, Leadership Mentor, Keynote Speaker & Author

Bharat’s differentiating characteristic is his abiding commitment to the long-term success, and advancement of those he serves. A leader with impeccable decision-making and people skills, Bharat has the power to work collaboratively to resolve problems, and unleash the talents of culturally diverse groups, to make wholesome and lasting change. His latest book addresses the myriad concerns of professionals working in a fast-paced, interconnected and volatile world.


  • Inner Dimensions of Wholesome Leadership
  • Building Resilience and Bouncing Back
  • Inter-cultural Effectiveness
  • Mindfulness and Plumbing into One’s Inner Resources

Developing the Inner Dimensions of Wholesome Leadership
Watch TOSB Conversations with Bharat Wakhlu.


Prakash Iyer: Author, Motivational Speaker & Coach

Prakash Iyer is a best-selling author, motivational speaker and leadership coach. After spending nearly three decades in the corporate world, he stepped away to pursue his passion for writing, speaking, and helping other people unleash the leader within. He is also an independent director on the board of Xerox India, an advisor to Multiples – an India focused Private Equity fund and served as the CEO of the Mumbai Indians cricket franchise in their IPL title-winning campaign in 2015.


  • Team Management
  • Leadership
  • Marketing
  • Future of Work


Fredrik Haren: Author & Speaker on Business Creativity

Fredrik is an author and global keynote speaker who passionately talks about business creativity, innovation and idea generation, specifically – how to develop a global mindset and build a truly global company. He helps his audience understand how valuable it is to think in new ways – and how difficult this is to achieve.


  • Creativity and the Creative Mindset



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