Vikas Jain is an International keynote speaker, author, expert, and authority on the subject of “What Top 1% Do Differently”. His research has redefined the journey to become the Top 1% professional in any industry and made it accessible to the masses so that anyone and everyone can join the league of top professionals irrespective of their background.

He is the creator of “Vikas World-Class Quadrant” and “Top 1% Strategy Framework” and founder of “Vikas Jain International” an agency that provides strategic consulting and personal branding and marketing to attain the Top 1% status. Vikas’ consulting has helped executives and professionals in achieving three-digit growth.  

Vikas has delivered 400+ inspiring and strategic keynotes for leading global organizationsincluding Fortune 500 companies such as Yamaha, Dell, CRY, Oracle, McAfee, Fevicol, Haier, Power Trade Corporation (PTC India), SBI Offices Association, Chegg, OrientBell, Virgo Group, GreenPly, ICSI, and more.  

He has authored 3 books including “The World-Class – What Top 1% Do Differently”, published articles in leading newspapers, and has been featured on Josh Talks (4M+ views), Speaking Tree @ Times Group, Dainik Bhaskar and more.

Vikas had life-changing experiences and observations while working with IBM & McAfee, based on which he analysed “What Top 1% Do Differently“ and created “Vikas World-Class Quadrant” uncovering the secret zone of the Top 1%. He applied the same insights in his career further to get an offer from Microsoft. Vikas’ journey from studying in a Hindi-medium low-fee govt school to getting an offer from Microsoft was a big moment in his life giving him insights into hidden opportunities and pathways to become a World-Class professional. But he denied the offer from Microsoft to share these insights with the world.

Vikas observed that prevailing studies of the Top 1% predominantly emphasized performance, whereas achieving the Top 1% status in the industry is a blend of both performance and popularity. He has covered this study in “Vikas World-Class Quadrant” and this also yields world-class commercial success when strategically combined with “premium & high-value offerings” that are part of the “Top 1% Strategy Framework”. 

He is the host of Vikas Jain LIVE podcast where he delves deeper into this research through interviews with global professionals and leaders. He thoroughly examines the lives of the Top 1% and what they did differently that contributed to their exceptional career outcomes. 

Vikas received the Most Inspiring Motivational Speaker of the Year, Silver Award by EEMA (Event and Entertainment Management Association) and in 2021 alone delivered virtual keynote for conferences and events in France, Germany, Singapore, Malaysia, Southern Africa, US, Bangladesh, India and more.

He is co-founder of the Professionals Speakers Association of India, a registered society to nurture professional speakers and part of the global speakers federation. He was the founding president of the Delhi Chapter. He is also part of the Mentor of Change program by Govt. of India to nurture tinkering and innovation at the school level. He is a life member of JITO (Jain International Trade Organization), ISTD (Indian Society of Training & Development), AIMA (All India Management Association) and many more.

Vikas strongly believes his insights have the potential to transform the “Talent Ecosystem”.As a a mission-driven change maker, he has the vision to create an ecosystem of nurturing “top talent” at the National level. Vikas also believes that developing countries like India should focus on building world-class tech talent at a massive scale using “Top 1% strategy framework”, at the grassroots level. Amongst its various benefits are global reach, industry acceptance for skilled professionals without depending on degree, and a model that workseven possible in remote areas with just laptop, electricity and high-speed internet.

Hence, he started various initiatives including, the “Real Education Movement”, “Adhyan Centers of Excellence”, “and World-class Tech Talent” under his registered trust “Adhyan Foundation”.

Topics & Formats
  • What Top 1% Do Differently
  • Top 1% Business Growth Strategy
  • Sales Motivation, Potential and Performance
  • Future Tech for Business Growth
  • Customer Centricity, Innovation & Design
  • Personal Branding
  • The “Letting Go Method” for Mental Wellbeing
  • Secrets of the “Transformative Mind of Top Leaders”


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