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Sandeep Nath

  • Personal Transformation Coach | Speaker | Author

Sandeep Nath is best defined as an Inner Power Coach, running interventions that result in people rising to, and sustaining, their higher potential. With a thought-provoking, insightful and direct style, he quickly engages audiences and individuals to change and think differently. Participants at his events - both online and offline - feel compelled to take action.

Sandeep is a master in establishing the link between health, purpose and productivity, and the energy required of a leader. He inculcates self-motivation in managers to use this energy to decrease stress, increase customer delight, empower teams, improve work-life balance and maximize productivity.

Since 2016, Sandeep has worked with thousands of individuals across 4 continents and has conducted workshops at over 25 nationally reputed centres. On Google, he owns the front page for “Sandeep Nath Success”, having authored 'Arrive at Success - Conversations Between Networkers That Could Tell Lots About Your Future’.

In June 2020, he released his second book “RENEWAL”, on elevating human consciousness through small changes in individual habits. As the Broadcaster & Anchor of 'The RENEWALism Show', he ran daily episodes viewed by over 60,000 people online in its first season.

Sandeep works with a wide range of global organizations and provides them with a competitive edge based on his unique understanding of how the world works. His interventions are based on his belief that behaviour is an outcome of thinking. And to bring individuals into action, one must work on their thought-perceptions, which in turn is achieved through habits.

With this methodology, he has brought about successful transformations by quickly moving hindering habits into profitable perceptions, providing the spark needed to reset the mindset of an organization.

He has been delivering Workshops, MasterClasses, Keynotes, Consulting & Coaching Sessions Online since 2016.

On the personal front, Sandeep and his wife are avid travellers and Tibetan Buddhists.



Unlock the secrets to skyrocketing team performance with the inner power coach Sandeep Nath

Unlock the secrets to skyrocketing team performance with expert insights from Inner Power Coach Sandeep Nath. In the latest episode of #TOSBConversationStarters, we discover the critical link between stress and business profitability, strategies to identify when your team is under undue pressure, and building a work culture that proactively addresses stress to boost overall productivity.

Organisational Renewal Through People, Process and Purpose | Inner Power Coach Sandeep Nath

How does the concept of renewalism fit in a corporate structure? What's the secret of aligning the 3Ps - People, Process and Purpose in an organisation? How can renewalism help in productivity and personal performance? Hear it out from the expert himself – Sandeep Nath an Inner Power Coach, running interventions that result in people rising to, and sustaining, their higher potential.


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