Finding the Right Speaker for Your Event

A good speaker adds a spark to your event. A great one leaves the audience wanting more. But finding and booking that great speaker isn’t just about choosing a popular voice. It’s about choosing the right voice and story that resonates with your audience. With such a huge network of professional speakers across India and the globe, that can be quite a daunting task. So, here’s a short guide to make the process easier.

How to find and book the right speaker for your event, 101:

Articulate the requirement

When it comes to organising a powerful speaking session, the most important thing is to understand exactly what your audience needs. What do they want to know more about? Where are the gaps in learning? Do they need a motivational session or strategic direction? Or something else? Reach out to your audience and start an honest conversation. Once, you have articulated what they need, you are in a better position to identify the right voice and medium to deliver the message.

Identify the format

The format of your session will be based on the audience insight. A virtual session or in-person consultation? For a small group or the larger organisation? There are many ways to bring external perspectives onboard. And each holds its own merit, depending on what your audience seeks and where are they most active and engaged. A professional speaking agency can navigate these questions with you, bringing in their expertise in helping clients execute sessions end to end.

Find the voice

Once you have honed in on your objective and format, it’s time to find that voice. Professional speakers in India are a massive network and it helps to tap into agencies that work with this network every single day. Whether it’s advisory on public policy, the latest digital trends transforming business or a motivational session for your sales force, different speakers are known for different areas of expertise. Speaker bureaus bring access to the best in the industry, eliminating any extra time and effort needed on your part to reach out and establish contact.

Build the engagement

Signing on that dotted line often involves several logistical steps, including facilitation of the event or engagement itself. So find an end to end partner who will be with you all the way. Speaking bureaus handle all the complexities of engaging with the top voices and experts in the world. From contracts to last minute cancelations and handling on-ground realities, a good bureau will take care of all the facets to ensure you have a smooth sailing event.

We hope you found this guide useful for your next event or activation. Our team also facilitates engagements with business advisors, leadership coaches, mentors, social media influencers, brand ambassadors and lots more. Connect with us to know more.