Workshop: Grooming “Change Makers” in your Organization with Ashish Vidyarthi

As the world churns with new realities, businesses need to be ready for disruptions and build teams that are highly agile and adaptive. To thrive and succeed, one will need to groom players that are charged up and ready to take on new responsibilities, find innovative solutions to problems and become the change-makers that our organizations need.

Geared towards this unique task and future-ready skill, Positive Catalyst is a thematic offering by national award-winning actor and master trainer & facilitator Ashish Vidyarthi. Ideal for nurturing key players within your team and organization, this workshop focuses on inculcating some core skills such as:

  • Finding the courage to step into the unknown
  • Building research and goal orientation
  • Leading by example
  • Uncovering a positive mindset
  • Building trust within teams
  • Inspiring and empowering

And more.

Facilitated by Ashish and his team, these workshops are typically spread over 15-30 hours of multiple 3-hour sessions which are highly interactive, often including role-play, videos and exercises.

Ashish’s various thematic offerings are geared towards upskilling and reskilling the workforce towards the new world order, including areas such as leadership development, creativity & innovation, individual & leadership excellence and much more.

These are also delivered through Ashish’s personally curated podcasts, microfilms and motivational talks. Talk to our team to know more or to curate a session for your organization.