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Since the pandemic broke out, people have taken to online learning and interactions in an unprecedented way. TOSB Conversations is a platform where we partner with our leading speakers and experts to create engaging content on the most pressing concerns and possibilities of the current world.


How to engage with advisors to grow your business

Advisors are playing an increasingly important role in navigating through the challenges in the current times. Watch this recap of our conversation with Monce C Abraham and Renu Shah.

Leaders Connect - Living in possibilities

In this session of Leaders Connect, we talk to Business Leader & Advisor Annaswamy Vaidheesh on "living your life with possibilities" i.e. having the courage to push yourself out of your comfort zone to learn, grow and experience new things. Moderated by Ashu Khanna, Founder ARKA Leadership

Leaders Connect - How to develop authentic leadership

Being an authentic leader is about embracing our unique personalities, passions and experiences into our own leadership style. In conversation with P Dwarkanath & Rajeev Dubey moderated by AshuKhanna for #LeadersConnect.

IWD Conference - I #ChooseToChallenge​ by Building Communities

The last decade has seen a massive growth in communities designed by women and built for women. These networks act as allies, confidantes and support systems for women across diverse backgrounds and life phases. We explore the link between such communities and how they are creating a safe space for women to speak up, fight prejudice, find guidance & new opportunities, and feel more empowered.

IWD Conference - I #ChooseToChallenge​ by Being a trailblazer

Meet the women who are shattering gender stereotypes in their fields by going where no woman has gone before. When female role models challenge the status quo, it creates opportunities and aspirations for millions more to break new ground. Get inspired with the stories of these “trailblazers” who battled the odds to redefine the representation of women in their fields.

IWD Conference - I #ChooseToChallenge​ by Being an Ally (Devdutt Pattanaik)

“It’s Collaboration, not Competition”
No conversation about gender equality is complete without addressing both the sexes. While female voices seek amplification, the male voice and gaze also continues to evolve towards a more gender equal world. This evolution is rooted in honestly questioning one’s own biases and beliefs towards exploring what inclusion really means to each of us. We talk to writer and mythologist Devdutt Pattanaik on nurturing the mindset of an ally by being a collaborator over a competitor.

Leaders Connect- Creating Empowered Workplaces with Naina Lal Kidwai

Watch this conversation with business leader and industry stalwart Naina Lal Kidwai as we explore the concept of workplace empowerment in 2021. As a woman leader who has broken the glass ceiling several times, Naina's insights arise from her own experience and the challenges she has faced on the way. Moderated by Ashu Khanna, Founder & CEO Arka Leadership.

Leaders Connect: Building a Culture of Accountability with Pawan Agrawal & Sangeeta Prasad

How do 5k+ dabbawalas share accountability to deliver over 200k meals per day? Watch this conversation with Dr. Pawan Agrawal & Sangeeta Prasad on what a culture of accountability means for the workforce of 2021.

Could your questions be the answers? (Taking charge of your life)

Whether you want to be happier or become a better leader, asking the right questions can help you move on a more conscious path. We talked to Life Coach Nasreen Khan on how we can make better choices by changing the questions we are asking ourselves. In this riveting session moderated by Kriti Makhija, CFO, Genesis BCW.

Career Planning in 2021: The New Rules of the Game

From young executives to C-suite leaders, Covid-19 has changed how we approach our career paths. In this episode of TOSB Conversations, we discuss the new rules of the game and the strategies one needs in their particular career phase to reinvent for the future of work. With Business Leader & Mentor Sandip Ghose in conversation with Executive Coach & Inclusion Consultant Shruti Swaroop.

Living Stress Free in an Energy Bubble

2020 has given us enough reasons to stress, but here's one that can help you find some calm in the eye of the storm. "Inner Power Coach" Sandeep Nath shared his powerful lessons on how to embrace a stress-free lifestyle. On this episode of #TOSBconversations.

World Tourism Day

How safe is it to travel right now? What are the industry protocols in place? Where are you most likely to be vacationing next year? We discussed all this and more with our panel of experts on this exciting online interaction for World Tourism Day.

Grooming the Next Generation of Leaders

From environment to politics, young people are driving important dialogues for change. Learn about the dynamics shaping these future leaders & how our learning environment is evolving for them in this conversation with leadership expert Payal Nanjiani and Director at BIMTECH, Dr. H Chaturvedi.

Write Your Book and Get Published

Is 2020 going to be the year you finally write your book? Here’s something to get you inspired. In this exciting conversation, Author, Entrepreneur & Filmmaker Varun Agarwal decodes the inner workings of the publishing world and offers practical tips to get writing, get inspire and get published!

Cultivating a Winning Mindset

Can we fine-tune the internal dialogues that shape our lives? We spoke to Executive Coach Shruti Swaroop and Ironman Kaustubh Radkar on the belief systems shape our mindsets and how simply changing our beliefs about our abilities can have a profound effect on our lives. Listen to this riveting conversation on inculcating a growth vs fixed mindset.

Road to Recovery with NASSCOM Insights

In this webinar with leading industry experts, we discuss the irreversible shifts and systemic changes that will define the new business imperatives and how organisations can build a clear action plan for recovery, from here on.

You 3.0: In the Age of AI, the Future is Human

Covid-19 has disrupted personal and professional lives. Now is the time to reorganize and rebuild the organization for the age of AI, where the future is human. Award-Winning Author & Futurist Anand Tamboli in conversation with Amit Dangle, Head of Marketing EMTEC Digital.

The Story You Haven't Told Yet

Why our stories matter, how they shape us and lay the foundation of our future selves. We delved into these ideas with Communication Coach and TEDx Ambassador Ajit Sharma, while also learning his simple yet powerful framework to explore our identities so that we can tell our most authentic stories.

Developing the Inner Dimensions of Wholesome Leadership

The biggest leadership challenges of today's world are manifesting in three critical dimensions - the Intelligence, Spiritual orientation and Emotional stability & resilience of leaders. In this masterclass, Leadership Coach & Corporate Advisor Bharat Wakhlu taught us how to deploy the full potential of our intelligence, emotions and spiritual abilities to not just grow as a leader but to integrate inclusive and equitable growth.

Ask the Experts: Investment Strategies for Covid-19 World

While the impact of Covid-19 has been devastating on the market, how can one act fast to mitigate the impact on one’s personal finances. What are the best investment and portfolio strategies to limit losses during this time? Or even log some gains? Our experts shared their views and answered your most pressing questions.

Behind the Book: Fireside Chat with the Authors of “52 Red Pills”

The power couple of hyper-learning Eika & Siddharth Banerjee share their secrets to living a more rounded life in a fireside chat where they discussed some of the key lessons from their book “52 Red Pills: A New-Age Playbook to Become Healthy, Wealthy and Wise”. In conversation with Sairee Chahal, Founder, Sheroes.

How to Cultivate Extreme Resilience

In this masterclass, International Life Coach & TED Speaker Dr. Srikumar Rao teaches powerful mind hacks to develop extreme emotional resilience – a powerful tool to bounce back from any adversity. In conversation with Personal Branding Coach Dr Amit Nagpal.

Lockdown Lemonade: How to Grow Your Personal Brand in Crisis

Can a crisis act as a catalyst for growth? Watch this webinar to know more as we discuss the intricacies of building a personal brand with Anamika Sirohi, Marketing Leader & LinkedIn Top Voice, Delphine Cordié, Business Coach and Ajit Sharma, Communication Coach & TEDx ambassador. Decoding how to redefine your story during tough times.

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