Lt. Col. DD Goel

Motivational Speaker | Soft Skills Trainer

Lt. Col. DD Goel is a highly accomplished motivational speaker and soft skills trainer, known for his inspiring talks and comprehensive training sessions. With a remarkable background and an impressive academic record, he brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to his engagements. His speeches cover a wide range of topics, including behavioural development, soft skills, mental health, emotional development, self-esteem, and personality development.

Lt. Col. DD Goel’s passion for education, combined with his military experience, enables him to connect with diverse audiences and deliver impactful messages. His military journey is a testament to his exceptional courage and resilience. Overcoming significant challenges as a battle casualty and war-wounded soldier, he serves as an inspiration to others.

He has participated in various adventure sports, including paragliding, bullet expeditions, half marathons, long-distance swimming, and skiing. Notably, he achieved the remarkable feat of being the first amputee to paraglide on an artificial limb, a feat recognized by the Limca Book of Records. His determination and commitment earned him the Chief of Army Commendation.

Before his distinguished military career, Lt. Col. DD Goel served as a lecturer of Psychology at SNDT University, Mumbai, and as a Teaching Assistant in the Department of Applied Psychology at Mumbai University. His experience in academia, coupled with his military background, provides him with a deep understanding of soft skills, personal development, and human behaviour.

Renowned for his captivating talks, Lt. Col. DD Goel has been invited to speak at prestigious events, including TEDx, conferences, and gatherings throughout the Indian Army  (NDA IMA, Sainik Schools, Military Schools, and Regimental Training Centres). He has a unique ability to connect with his audience and inspire positive change. His reputation as an engaging speaker has led to invitations from esteemed organizations, including Mercedes Benz, Aditya Birla Group, Oil India Ltd, Accenture, Mind Tickle, Haryana Police Academy, AIIMS Rishikesh, and Lakshya Foundation.

Lt. Col. DD Goel’s expertise extends beyond motivational speaking. He has conducted numerous training sessions on soft skills, change management, confidence building, cognitive enhancement, and more. His training programs focus on performance appraisals, team synergy, enhanced productivity, professional etiquette, and improved interpersonal relationships.

Lt. Col. DD Goel’s guidance has been instrumental in helping aspirants clear the Services Selection Board (SSB) and join the armed forces. Additionally, his extensive counsellingexperience has positively impacted the lives of individuals. His work in the counterinsurgency operational area in Kashmir resulted in bringing 200 misguided youth back to the mainstream of society.

Lt. Col. DD Goel is also a published author. His book “When People Doubted My Ability to Walk, I Decided to Fly” was published by Pentagon Press and chronicles his inspirational journey. It was released by the former Chief of the Army Staff, later Chief of Defence Staff, General Bipin Rawat, in May 2019. The book’s Marathi translation, “Pagum Laghtaye Girim” further expands its reach.

Lt. Col. DD Goel completed his post-graduation in Psychology from the Department of Psychology at Mumbai University. He furthered his academic pursuits by obtaining a Master’s in Personnel Management from Pune University. Committed to lifelong learning, he also completed his B.Ed. and earned a Ph.D. in Psychology, showcasing his dedication to personal growth and understanding human behavior.

  • Management & Leadership
  • The Role of Emotions in Life and Leadership
  • Change Management
  • Less is More
  • Stress Management
  • Body language
  • The Magic of “So What”


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