Mimi Nicklin

Empathy & Leadership Coach | Keynote Speaker

Aspirational yet accessible, with a charismatic and infectious stage presence Mimi is a global leader, an experienced CEO, a bestselling author, a keynote speaker and a deeply personable coach. Having spent over 18 years working across the globe with multinational and Fortune 500 clients, Mimi specialises in organisational empathy, listening and understanding, conflict management and connection, the criticality of generational gaps and the future of leadership in turbulent times.

Passionate about making the world a more empathetic, valuable and sustainably connected place, Mimi is the founder of the world’s widest-reaching organisational empathy platform, www.EmpathyEverywhere.co. The platform connects leaders and teams with the power of listening-led culture, communication, engagement and performance.

Mimi’s book, Softening the Edge, was a bestseller in the USA, Canada, Australia and UAE before it even reached the shelves. The book, which covers the role and need for organisational understanding in enterprise culture and communication, forms the
basis for much of Mimi’s work with corporates today.

Mimi’s first podcast show, The Empathy for Breakfast Show, was voted a Top 5 podcast and reached an audience of 85,000. With 60,000+ followers across various channels, Mimi is a credible and leading voice on balancing humanism and capitalism in our workplaces. An experienced organisational consultant and coach, she has trained 12,500+ students in Fortune 500 organisations, focusing on the future of Empathetic Leadership.

Currently, she is the Chief Strategy Officer at the global branding agency, ALBD. Having been featured live on BBC News to 85 million people, she is frequently featured across the worldwide media including Forbes, Harvard Business Review, The Independent
and NBC News.

An inclusive millennial leader, Mimi passionately talks about empathy as the road to higher performance, inclusion and multigenerational team engagement, as well as effective communication and conflict management.

Topics & Formats
  • Transformational Multi-Generational Leadership
  • The Role of Psychological Safety in Performance & Growth
  • Listening-Led Leadership
  • The Business Case for Diversity & Inclusion
  • The Power of Organisational Empathy
  • Social Intelligence & Communication Skills Training
  • Primary School Empathy Curriculum