Daniele Fiandaca

Founder, Mutant & Token Man | Co-founder, Creative Social & Innovation Social | Keynote Speaker

Daniele is a visionary entrepreneur who has stayed ahead of the curve in the innovation and digital space. He is a passionate promoter of creative thinking and a true supporter of gender equality at the workplace. Daniele conducts sessions that inculcate creative thinking in day to day activities to enhance productivity.

Driven with the belief that contribution from men will bring the necessary cultural shift for gender diversity in the workplace, he has launched an initiative, Token Man. In many of his sessions, Daniele is also vocal about this initiative serving as a platform for the progression of women in the industry to reverse gender inequality.

He co-founded Creative Social, a collective of the world’s top creative directors and business owners at a time when the digital revolution was still in its nascent stage (2004). He later went on to establish another one of his path-breaking entrepreneurial ventures, Mutant, that helps brands understand the impact of technology on their business and finds innovative solutions to their most challenging problems.

Topics & Formats
  • Digital Transformation
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Digital Transformation
  • Robotics & AI


44 Club: Daniele Fiandaca, Head of Innovation