Suman Bose

Business Leader, Strategic Advisor, Investor

Suman Bose advises companies globally on their growth, market entry strategies, portfolio rationalization and application of industry 4.0 technologies. A strong believer in servant-leadership, he has built, worked with, and led highly dispersed and diverse teams across 4 continents – recently Africa, and numerous nationalities.

Suman has held executive leadership positions globally with technology companies such as Siemens Industry Software, Dassault Systemes and Hewlett Packard. Suman’s professional career can be synonymized with “growth” and “intrapreneurship”. He has successfully led businesses that were either new, suffered flat growth, or were indeed cases for turnaround.

A strategic thinker who connects seemingly unconnectable dots to create profitable and sustainable ventures, Suman’s foremost strength is with people. He strongly believes in the infinite capacity of humans, with right attitude as the most important prerequisite for success. He has mentored and groomed talents globally even beyond his own company and has seen them achieve great success.

Suman is an acknowledged public speaker and debater. He is a firm believer in the power of technology, and a forever student of Economics and Politics as intellectual disciplines. An avid reader, music listener and world traveler, he enjoys art, photography, sports, culinary arts and good wines.

Suman currently volunteers, fund-raises and donates for causes in education, skill development and healthcare. He is also a trustee of a school in India that provides completely free education to the underprivileged children – with a bias towards the girl child – in the Himalayas.

Topics & Formats
  • TED/ TEDx/ Josh Speakers
  • 4th Industrial Revolution
  • Innovation and Disruption
  • Managing Business In Emerging Markets