Soke Avinash Subramanyam

Taiji Expert

The journey of Soke Avinash within external and internal martial arts provides invaluable insights for anyone facing the perils of contemporary urban life: How can a person withstand, survive and progress against onslaughts on the body, and ease the impact of conflict on mind and spirit?

Avinash connects his gruelling years of training, hardship, injuries and modest successes achieved, by harmonising mind, body and spirit seamlessly to corporate leadership, interspersed with incredible demos, which helps in understanding human potential in action.

Avinash’s journey began at an early age when he forayed into external martial art forms of karate, ninjutsu and other allied arts. Over four decades he trained to sync mind-body-spirit-soul together. Today, he holds the coveted 10th Dan Red Belt and Sokeship-that officially bestows him the title ‘Grandmaster’ and internationally recognizes his system of training.

Multiple injuries faced by Avinash in external martial arts led him to study health forms and internal martial arts Taiji, under great masters and grandmasters. He is the direct disciple and indoor student of Grandmaster Chen Zhaosen and has studied all forms of Taiji including weapons under the Grandmaster.

Learning radically different systems of training required Avinash to change, which enabled him to adapt to changes in life. He also recognised that each system had something beautiful. This has helped him mould and flow with life without stress, something he teaches at the centre he founded, SEEFAR.

Avinash has conducted health and wellness programs, and workshops for corporates, equipping them with mind-body skills that prove invaluable in their work-life situations. He has consistently earned an “exceeded expectations” score from corporates.

Avinash has several senior level black belts (3rd to 7th Dan) and martial art titles, including Sensei, Renshi, Shihan, Soke and Shifu, each a rank in itself and officially conferred by teachers who are Grandmasters.

Avinash holds several firsts in promoting mind-body systems of training geared towards health and self-protection. He is the first Indian certified to develop and promote Health Qi Gong in India, in co-operation with The Chinese Health Qi Gong Association. He is also the first Indian authorized to teach internationally the Kubotan Self Defence Key Chain (taught to FBI and NYPD). He is licenced to teach a special sequence of movements called Anso internationally, a form that fosters stillness and internal strength.

Topics & Formats
  • Management & Leadership
  • Motivation & Storytelling
  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
  • Team Building
  • Health & Wellness
  • Spirituality
  • Sports
  • Innovation
  • Overcoming Silos
  • Conscious Awareness
  • Curiosity drivers (for innovating)
  • Compassion in Workplace
  • Dealing with change of leadership
  • Strengths based learning
  • Vulnerability is not a weakness