Venkatesh Maheshwari

Management & Life Lessons From Mt. Everest

Venkatesh Maheshwari aka Venki pursued his passion and childhood dream to summit Mt Everest along with his corporate role as a business leader, making him one amongst a few Indian corporate leaders to summit Mt Everest. A senior corporate professional with over 27 years of experience in the global retail industry, Venki shares his experience and journey to the top of the world as a corporate project, which has its own elements of Planning, Preparation and Execution. He talks about his strategy and approach and maps the learnings to professional and personal lives to not only make better leaders and managers, but also better human beings.

He has been thrilling audiences with his presentations and talks detailing the climb. The sessions are highly appreciated as one gets a firsthand account of the challenges of a high mountain climb at every stage. Venki talks about what one can do to prepare oneself physically and mentally, and also sheds light on physical well-being in the workplace.

His messages include nuggets of wisdom such as “No Shortcuts To The Top”, “Keep Some Things To Yourself”, “What Is Mental Strength And How Do You Acquire It”, “Backing Up Is Not Same As Backing Down”, “Storms Are Temporary”, “Team Management & Delegation”, “Work Life Balance” and many others linked with a perspective of a corporate mountaineer.

In the past, Venki has worked with clients like HDFC Bank, DHL, Tata Group, Credit Suisse, Ernst & Young, Hindalco, UltraTech Cements, CapGemini, Landmark Group, Boston Consulting Group, Dell Inc and many leading companies.

Venki has lived in many countries and is a naturalized Canadian citizen now residing in Mumbai. He continues to follow his passion for the mountains and pursue his climbing expeditions.

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