Harlina Sodhi

Speaker | Culture Architect | Digital Learning Strategist

Harlina is a multidisciplinary professional with 28 years of experience spanning different industries, domain & geographies. Is a culture architect, learning strategist, inclusion evangelist & coaching conversationalist. Board member, TEDx speaker, social Influencer, KPMG faculty, UN speaker, 6 Sigma Black Belt, ICF ACC-PCC coach & an entrepreneur.

She is a Business, Sales and HR professional & consultant having worked in Fortune 100 MNC’s and Indian conglomerates such as Xerox, GE and Reliance Industries. She has also worked at senior leadership positions with startup organisations as Zenta and IDFC Bank. Today, Harlina works with top leadership teams across the corporate world.

She has used her extensive learning and background as a HR practitioner of combining elements of human behaviour (is certified on MBITI, DISC, EQ 2.0) with business outcomes given her expertise in process and six sigma (certified PMP and 6 sigma black belt). Harlina is equally anchored into strategic drivers of business and creating shareholder value as she is with “on ground realities” of transactions, customer expectations and meeting shareholder commitments across the spectrum of board, customer, employee & capital markets. Her domain expertise is sales, growth, transformation & talent.

Harlina does deep organisation development work in the areas of organisation culture, coaching, diversity and inclusion and building future skills of leaders. She has architected several leadership programs and journeys and herself facilities several workshops such as (Demystifying culture, Building Inclusion, Social Leadership and Personal Branding, Leader as a Storyteller amongst several others). Her niche areas of expertise is working with leaders to help them build gravitas, hone their executive presence, become storytellers, ace networking and become social leaders. This she does via 1:1 coaching sessions, masterclasses, workshops & journey program. She has been ranked as No 3 HR Social Media Influencer by SHRM in 2019. She is also faculty for KPMG as well as jury member for CLO and LPI global. As board member for Skillsoft, Harlina balances her advisory and consulting role finely with execution, delivery and governance.

She has been on a self-discovery journey of meshing “Being” and “Doing” for last couple of years and has herself gone through deep immersive experiences to heighten her awareness as well build deep understanding of myriad of human emotions. This includes undergoing Coaching certification program from Coach for Life (US) and getting ICF credentials, mastering several psychometric instruments such as Harrison, Hogan, Saville and recently undergoing workshop in the Himalayas to help understand and unravel working of human mind.

In her corporate avatar, Harlina has been a HR leader making wide enduring changes at workplaces with focus on leading change and transformation, building tenets of organisation culture (Values and Behaviours) and making workplaces ready for future by focusing on creating experiences vs engagements, value vs revenue, inclusion vs silos, digital and connectedness vs analog and stand-alone, collaborative mind-set and environment vs command and control way.

Amongst Harlina’s key strengths are ability to both make herself as well her stakeholders social leaders wielding huge powers of influence, networking, fuelled by skills such as building executive presence, upping the game on having gravitas and managing several conflicting priorities as well as navigation volatile business environments. She has worked with towering business leaders as Chairman RIL as well as senior bureaucrats from government & RBI besides corporate leaders which has given her unique ability to understand challenges & working of mind of CXO’s. Her forte is helping build brands, gravitas, leadership skills & behaviours for future & social skills coupled with high degree of self awareness.

She is able to seamlessly mesh together her deep knowledge of coaching philosophy and competencies both to help individuals meet their business and personal aspirations and dreams as well organisation build a deep sustaining culture (of learning, coaching, experiences, digital, recognition, processes and values). She is both a blogger and a speaker at various forums within India and globally helping corporate world demystify “future of workplace” and “culture – character of corporates”. She has been interviewed by several leading publications and has been profiled by Wikipedia as well. She herself is one of India’s top HR, Learning and Social Media influencers with global awards and accolades to validate every claim. In her words, She is “as above, so below”.

Harlina is a co-founder of Believe In Yourself (BIY) whose vision is to inspire everyone find their path to happiness and fulfilment by leading optimistic, purposeful, authentic life starting with Belief in Self. BIY is a consortium of senior industry leaders (Business and HR), a community of over 151 coaches across India) a movement to fuel and facilitate power of life and leadership coaching for senior leaders and create powerful culture of coaching at workplace. She has coached over 500 leaders in a group and individual setting and is focussed on ensuring personal & professional outcomes for her coaches, organisation & self.) BIY is now a 2 year old firm with footprint in UAE, Singapore & Dubai besides India.


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