Sumit Chowdhury

Founder, Gaia Smart Cities, Author, Artist, Endurance Sportsman, Career Coach

Sumit can be aptly called a person blessed with multi-faceted brilliance. For him, every interest, every aspect of life is a journey towards excellence. He shares lessons from his varied journeys through his motivational talks.

Sumit runs a business as a ‘brand ambassador for ideas’, leading to their successful delivery. He has, as an artist, held international exhibitions of his paintings; as a musician, performed on various platforms; and as an endurance sportsman, run virtually every marathon or long-distance cyclathons. Recently, he has published his first book, Rules of the Game, a career management guide targeting professionals who want to fast-track their careers.

“Across a career spanning management and technology in Telecom, Consulting and SaaS companies, Sumit has held various leadership positions in large, hyper-growth companies including the Reliance Group, IBM, BearingPoint, KPMG and Philips. He is currently the Chairman of Gaia Smart Cities, a next generation AI-enabled SaaS platform for Enterprise and Government Digitization’. He is also the CTO of Wadhwani Foundation working on increasing adoption of emerging technologies in Government’.

Sumit has been an intrapreneur and has constantly innovated new ways to do things, for which he has been awarded at various platforms, voted as one of the top CIOs in India, top 10 CIOs in Asia-Pacific, and top 50 CIOs in the world by from US Information Week.

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