Tom Goodwin

Innovator, Digital Maverick, Marketer

Voted as the #1 voice in marketing by LinkedIn in 2016 with over 345,000 followers on the platform, Tom is an industry provocateur and commentator on the future of marketing and business.

Tom frequently speaks around the world at conferences and to clients about business transformation, technological disruption, innovation in advertising and the future of entertainment, retail, mobility and technology.

He is presently the Executive Vice President of Innovation at Zenith Media, leading its innovation and content wing. His role is to understand new technology, behaviors, and platforms and ideate and implement solutions for clients to make the most of these new opportunities.

A keen writer, he is a columnist for the Guardian, TechCrunch, and Forbes and a frequent contributor to GQ, Ad Age, Wired, Ad Week, Inc, MediaPost, and Digiday. He is currently working on a commissioned book by Kogan Page, titled Digital Darwinism.

Reckoned among the top 30 people to follow on Twitter by Business Insider and the top two people in advertising to follow by FastCompany, he also has a weekly slot on i24 news, a global TV network, called “Cutting Edge” where he talks about technology today.

Topics & Formats
  • Digital Transformation
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Marketing & Branding
  • Innovation
  • Digital Transformation
  • Robotics & AI Marketing/ Social Media / Branding