Balaji Viswanathan

CEO, Invento Robotics

Balaji Viswanathan is the CEO of Mitra AI, a company dedicated to developing cutting-edge language models and computer vision algorithms for enterprises. With a strong background in robotics and artificial intelligence, Balaji has spent over six years in the field, making him an expert in advanced technologies.

As a distinguished speaker with expertise in AI, Balaji is an excellent choice for events and conferences focused on cutting-edge technology and the future of artificial intelligence. His unique blend of industry experience, academic background, and passion for knowledge sharing, makes him an engaging and informative speaker for audiences seeking insights into the rapidly-evolving world of AI and technology.

His passion for knowledge-sharing has led him to become the most followed person on Quora, with an impressive 472 million views on his insightful answers. His innovative work and contributions to the tech industry have earned him two exclusive invitations to meet the President of India 1:1 at the Rashtrapati Bhavan.

Balaji’s professional journey began at Microsoft’s headquarters in the United States, where he worked on building Windows OS and later on with research projects. Later he went on to the forefront of emerging technologies in Silicon Valley, Seattle, and Boston.

Throughout his career, Balaji has been interviewed and featured in prominent global media outlets over 100 times, including CNN, BBC, Forbes, and Fortune. As a public speaker, Balaji specializes in advanced tech and building modern AI, sharing his knowledge and experiences with a variety of global organizations such as Motorola and MetLife.

Having earned his Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Maryland in the United States, Balaji specialized in AI, further solidifying his expertise. He was the President’s scholar at Babson College in Boston during his full-time MBA at the world’s most renowned institute for entrepreneurship.

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